Job Market Trends for Warehouse Worker Jobs

Warehouse worker job search is sometimes an obstacle course of licenses and skills issues. It might also involve some choices, if you’re experienced and looking to upgrade. The best warehouse worker jobs are in modern facilities, with training options and good working conditions.

A good warehouse worker job includes:

  • Modern warehouse operations
  • Modern goods handling systems
  • Software based ordering and receipting
  • Good occupational health and safety (very important in many warehouse jobs)
  • Good training facilities and skills options

This may seem a bit luxurious as a set of criteria when you’re looking for work, but the really modern, well-run warehouse jobs are also good long term propositions with a real possibility of skills upgrades and promotions.

Industry choices are also a meaningful issue when you’re looking for warehouse worker jobs. Some industries are fully modernized, and the warehouse worker jobs are actually pretty good by any standards. Others are less impressive, and the “dino-jobs” problem is self evident. There are no new skills options, and they’re not much use for getting better types of job in this area.

Specialist warehouses, like medical, pharmaceutical, consumer appliances and groceries are generally good in terms of facilities, skills and working conditions.

Warehouse Worker Job Search Online

Job search on the big job boards is easy enough, but the fact that these jobs are usually spread over large areas is an issue. The best approach is to look for jobs which are local, not major commutes, and include obvious benefits. Some of these jobs can also be dino-jobs, in terms of skills. They don’t do much for your resume, and often don’t pay too well, either.

A site worthy of note when looking for warehouse worker jobs is Fleethelper, a transport related job site. This site is a good example of the more modern job types in the transport industry, which is a major employer for warehouse worker jobs. Compare these jobs to some of the jobs you see online, and you can see what is meant about the job quality issues. 

Important Job Search Tip: Skills and Warehouse Worker Jobs

A classic mistake for people going for warehouse worker jobs is not getting some of the basic skills. You can start out with a warehouse job and wind up as a manager, with some relatively easy training.

Skills building is a major issue in getting good warehouse worker jobs and related areas. It’s a straightforward series of steps to building a good skill set which is perfect for any type of job like this.

Forklift licenses, for example, are easy enough to get, and they add quite a bit to the weekly income. The automated picking systems are also easy to learn, and a bit of effort can get you accreditation on these systems.

These are also major assets when job hunting. Most warehouses will consider hiring anyone going for a basic warehouse worker job with extra skills. This is added value for the employer, and helps cover any gaps in staff when required