Job placement assistance for ex-offenders

Finding job placement aid for ex-offenders will depend on three things.

  • Local service providers
  • Treatment issues and resources
  • Available work

Most often it will be through community service agencies which you will find job placement assistance. Programs for ex-offenders in this area will mainly deal in helping you obtain skills needed to find and hold a job.

  • Resume writing
  • Interview skills
  • Life skills
  • Skills assessment
  • Job seeking
  • Technical skills

The ultimate goal of any of these agencies is to prevent you from re-offending and returning to jail.

Much of the job placement aid for ex-offenders centers on putting you into contact with services and resources to sustain a proper lifestyle within the law. There are still others which help in vocational training or general education to help you obtain employment. Such programs include the following:

  • GED preparation
  • Computer skills training
  • Business or office training

One certain method used to find these job placement aids for ex-offenders is to check with the following:

  • Probation office - your probation officer's office is likely to have a list of contact information for agencies and services which they cooperate with
  • Social Service agencies - many organizations such as the Goodwill or Salvation Army offer job assistance to targeted groups of people
  • Churches - many churches also run nonprofit agencies to help the needy in the community; checking these out could give you some results.

At one point you will have contact with the local state unemployment center in your community. While it may appear that these people only want to move as many people into any job available, their main goal is to allow you to find employment so you can be a contributing member of the community. These offices usually offer some of the following services for free:

  • Computer use for online job searches at their office
  • Resume reviews and assistance
  • Resume printing
  • Job postings in various fields and locations
  • Copy and fax machines for limited use
  • Phones for local calling of job advertisements
  • Transportation vouchers or tokens to help you get to interviews or your first week on the job
  • Work experience programs allowing you to have references and work to put on a resume

The one major requirement the state agencies require is that you follow their program and policies to the letter. They expect the time you to use the job placement aid for ex-offenders to be treated as important as the time you would spend working at a job.