Job Search for people with disabilities

The job search for people with disabilities need not be difficult. Certain employers indicate their willingness to hire disabled people. You just need to know how to identify them. Apart from positive employers, you can also get disability grants while you conduct the job search.

Disability Benefit payments
Disability benefit payments is compensation that can be awarded to you whether you are unemployed or not participating in a workshop or training, when you disability or mobility requires assistance and meets the conditions for payment. This type of benefit payment stays intact until your care needs change. If you return to your job because your disability and required care has changed, then you need to contact your Unemployment Benefits Office or the department in your country that works with workmen's compensation. The benefits officer will make adjustments to the benefit payment.

Incapacity Aid
If you receive payment that allows you to do certain types of work, then you are not entitled to receive additional wages or income related payment benefits such as housing subsidy or income supplement support, unless you declare this. The benefits officer will evaluate your case and decide on a decrease or increase of your benefits according to the merits of your case.

Getting new skills
If you gain additional skills, it will make your job search easier since you will become more eligible for certain types of work. The Learning Council in the UK assists people with training and guidance. People who live in other countries can contact their Department of Manpower for assistance.

Should you disclose your disability in your job application?

Although employers around the world are bound by laws not to discriminate against people with disabilities, most employers are positive towards disabled persons without consideration of the laws.

You can easily identify employers who are positive towards people with disabilities by the following :

  • If they have the symbol on their advertisement or place of employment for disabled people.
  • Many employers state in their job advertisements that they are equal opportunity employers.
Both types of employers indicate their commitment to the employment of people with disabilities through their display of symbols and advertisement wording. You will have an equal opportunity to get an interview and possibly the job.

Job search places for people with disabilities
When you do a job search you are more likely to find the right kind of employer by looking out for the following :

  • Did the employer advertise in several formats, for instance, used large print and radio?
  • Where is the advert placed? Employers who place adverts at disability centers do so because they know that people with disabilities may find the advert while they conduct their job search.
  • Is the application form also available on tape, video, or in large print?
  • Can you submit the application form in several ways?
  • Does the employer ask whether workspace adjustments needs to made to accommodate you?

Volunteer for work
While you conduct the job search, you may consider doing some volunteer work or getting job experience. Many churches and community centers welcome the assistance from people with disabilities. Apart from providing a service to the community, you also obtain experience; build new skills, and contacts that may help you get a job.