Job Search Tips for Tax Preparer Jobs

Tax preparer jobs can be exceptionally good, well-paid jobs. It’s well worth learning how to search for them competently because you can create a great career track in this field if you have the expertise. A tax preparer job search needs to be done systematically, with a clear idea of the right job, the right pay and the right working situation.

Tax Preparer Job Search Online

The main problem is that there are a lot of tax preparer jobs advertised, particularly seasonally, on the major job boards. You need to tailor your online search to make sure you’re not going to get a heap of useless, unsuitable jobs.

These are professional jobs, and a typical full-time job will require experience of about 2 to 5 years, good client relationship skills, and in some cases, specialization in particular areas. These jobs often include a combination of skills, including individual and corporate tax returns. This work can be complex, and your skills and experience need to be used as measures to find the jobs efficiently.

The quickest way to narrow down your initial searches is to use criteria like salary, location and any qualifications you have. This will exclude the useless material to a large degree.

There are other options that can be very helpful:

  • Search specific employers, like the big taxation franchises.
  • Areas like auditing are a subset of tax preparation, useful for specific roles.
  • If your main experience is corporate taxation, target that role as an entry point.

Career Dynamics and Tax Preparer Job Search

Because tax accountancy is such a big field, it’s a good idea to use your career aspirations as part of your job hunting approach. You may well be able to find a job that will position you for career moves, as well as finding work. Even a baseline tax preparer position can be the starting point for a great career.

You’ll need to research the  career-oriented jobs thoroughly. The employer-based searches are excellent for this purpose. You can also contact employers directly to find out more about the positions you want and their hiring routines. The big franchises are particularly useful because they’re also major employers, with good employment practices and working conditions, and meaningful internal job opportunities are pretty regular.   

Be patient with this type of job search. The dream job may not be there today, but it will show up sooner or later. Keep track of every employer you know has the jobs you want.

Additional Job Search Options

Cold canvassing: This will work, regularly, during tax season. It’s also a good way of building up professional credentials on your resume, which will allow you to go for better jobs.

Networking: For experienced professionals, networking allows you to keep track of job options and career moves easily. Colleagues are good sources of information, and many will be able to help you when the high volumes of tax returns start needing more people.

Employment agencies: The best agencies for tax preparer jobs tend to be big city agencies with direct links to major employers. They’re worth checking out on that basis, because they can find some excellent jobs.