Job Search Tips for Teaching Assistant Jobs

In the world of education, teaching assistant jobs serve as important support roles for teachers in schools. Teaching assistant jobs are a good place to get started as a student interested in earning experience in teaching or for anyone looking for a great part-time job working with children. Follow these job search tips for getting a job as a teaching assistant.

Tip #1 Find Out What the Requirements Are to Become a Teaching Assistant in Your Region

Every region has different requirements to work with children in schools as a teaching assistant. Take the time to find out what you will be required to have in order to start working as an assistant to teachers in local schools, or you may end up with disappointment. Contact the local school district and get more information so that you can have the right qualifications, background and skills needed to perform the work of a teaching assistant in a relatively short period.

Tip #2 Get the Right Education to Prepare Yourself for Work as a Teaching Assistant

While you are checking with schools about the requirements to become a teaching assistant, you will want to get some training in education to prepare you to work in this role. Check with vocational schools or colleges that offer educational coursework dealing with childhood learning, child psychology, classroom management and lesson planning. Many schools also offer on-the-job training so be sure to ask about alternative learning programs to become a teaching assistant.

Tip #3 Get Involved with Education-Related Activities and Groups to Develop Networks

One of the best ways to find out about teaching assistant jobs is by networking with others in the field of education. If you have children in school, join the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to find out about areas of need within your children’s school or in the district. Network with teachers and educational professionals in social media networks and find out what their experience has been like in terms of finding employment in education. This insight will aid you as you move forward in your teaching assistant job search.

Tip #4 Volunteer Your Time as a Teaching Aide or Coach in the School District

There are many areas of need in schools where teachers cannot do their jobs fully without the help of community volunteers. Ask the school district about volunteer positions as teaching aides or sports coaches. Such a position will give you the opportunity to work alongside other educators, earn on-the-job experience and demonstrate your ability to work well with children. This will be important later on when you apply for official work as a teaching assistant.

Tip #5 – Develop Your Resume and Credentials as a Teaching Assistant

As you are working on earning the education and experience needed to become a teaching assistant, be sure to develop a professional resume and series of credentials that will lead to being qualified to work in this area. List all of the volunteer and paid positions that you’ve accomplished that have provided you with experience working with children, educators and the community. Gather letters of reference and include these with your resume as you begin searching for work.

Tip # 6 Apply with Local School Districts for Open Teaching Assistant Jobs

Once you have accomplished your education and have some solid experience working in and around students in the schools, it’s time to start applying for open teaching assistant jobs. Do this as soon as possible, as they are often on a "first come, first served" basis. Teaching assistant jobs may be on-call, so have a backup career while you are waiting for a more permanent job to become available. When you do get called, be sure to put your best foot forward to be called back again and again for teaching assistant work in the future.