Jobs For Teens 13 and Up

You are 13 and you need some weight among your friends or at home among your brothers and sisters, or you need some extra cash to spend on your new hobby, or new clothes, or for funding a trip, or a way to spend time and know new people, or gain experience in certain field, something you're really interested in, and so on.

There are many reasons why a teenager would want to get a job. There are a million of teen jobs out there in the world. How do you land one from so many jobs for teens? How do you know which is the best for you? These will be the first questions that will pop in your mind when you think of a job.

In order to answer to these questions you have to think about teen jobs from the point of view of an adult. What do they think of when they advertise jobs for teens? When you know the answer to this question, you have the job in your pocket. Let's check out what the adults want to get from teen jobs:

  1. Low cost help: First on the adult's list when they consider you for teen jobs is that they can get a job done on a lower scale of payment without compromising on quality. So, when you apply for that baby-sitting job keep this in mind and accept a reasonable cut in the pay compared to what an adult would get.
  2. Part-time help during peak times: An adult will offer jobs for teens where they actually do not need full time help, with the benefits that a full time employee would cost' like malls, pizza corners, newspaper distribution, office administrative help, etc. You need to check out the places where there are people need help during that business's peak times.
  3. Feeling good that he/she is helping: When an adult is thinking of offering jobs for teens, they like the 'I-am-doing-a-good-deed' feeling that they get when they put a teen in a job. You will need to look up people in your neighborhood who genuinely love younger people and would like to have them around. They most likely are inclined to have teen jobs lined up. They're also quite likely to know where those jobs are, so ask, if you get the opportunity.
  4. Cumbersome and time taking tasks: Most of the tasks that tend to be delegated as teen jobs are those tasks which are irritating and time-taking for adults but do not take too much physical or mental effort, such as taking out the dog, baby-sitting, or mowing the lawn, stapling of papers or organizing paper work, weeding the garden, watering plants, etc. Identify such tasks in your neighborhood and volunteer your services for a small fee and you will score high.
  5. High reliability: The majority of the teen jobs will come from a limited market, which will be within a limited radius around your home and school. No adult will ever think of putting you in a job if you are not the 'reliable' type. Hence, you need to have a good reputation for being eligible for any teen job. You need it to be known that you are a responsible person, who can be trusted with a job, hence your behavior, your attitude as well as your grades are an eligibility factor. This actually is a real reputation, and it can get you plenty of jobs.

Keep all these things in mind when you set up your mind on getting a job. Best of luck!