Jobs in music stores

Once that CD has been carefully produced in the studio, and the CDs have been manufactured, it is time for them to go to market and a music-loving public.

Working in music stores or anywhere else that carries CDs and other music products is a great place to get training. Learning what the public likes, why they like it, what they buy, what brings them back, and who is most popular teaches the person working in a music store information that is not available anywhere else.

The music retailer handles:

  • Ordering stock online or from a music rep.
  • Removing stock from the shelves at an appropriate time.
  • Keeping the racks full.
  • Making store displays.
  • Returning damaged goods.
  • Working the counter.
  • Dealing with customers.
  • Tallying up at the end of the day.

Today you can find music at the big extravaganza music stores, in grocery stores, in independent stories, in stores that sell all kinds of media like Borders, and even in garages.

Small independent stores used to be the rule, but now they are often the exception. However, some of them have learned to survive by specializing in a certain kind of music and having rare and hard-to-find music. They also might have the time to help customers find something off the beaten track.

What jobs are there?

  • Sales positions
  • Buyer positions
  • Head buyer - usually one for each type of music
  • Store manager
  • Store owner

The good thing about working in retail is that if you love music, you get to be involved in music all day long. People who come to buy music are always interesting, and you always have the chance to learn something new. No day is like the one before. However, the hours are sometimes long and you will surely work weekends.

The qualities that often make a person succeed in music retailing are: good personality, knowledge of at least one genre of music, ability to work as a team with others, ability to work well with customers, ability to learn and understand computer systems and other technical aspects of selling.