Jobs in renewable energy Industry

The alternative energy sector is the latest and fastest growing job market in the world. With global warming being a reality, together with the ever increasing demand for new sources of energy, renewable energy jobs are created daily.

The sector includes all the career fields that focus on the reduction on the reliance of primary energy sources. It includes those fields concerned with the finding and utilization of alternative and renewable sources of energy to fossil fuels and traditional forms of electricity generation.

Renewable energy jobs can be found in:

  • Production and manufacturing plants for equipment
  • Research labs and facilities
  • Distribution channels
  • Operation of equipment for the creation of cleaner combustion fuels.

The sector includes solar power, windmills, wind driven plants, hydro-electricity, biofuels, geothermal and cleaner coal. A wide range of jobs exist in the industry, ranging from agriculture, to transport to engineering to chemistry.

The four main growth areas in the sector include:

  • Solar
  • Biomass
  • Wind
  • Fuel cells

As the economies of countries develop, so do consumption rates increase. This means that more jobs are created within the sector, making it one of the best long term career fields for the future.

Wind renewable energy jobs

Since the wind production on farms requires numerous permanent employees for the operation, many jobs are available in the rural areas. The wind plants are normally located close to the farms and provide more technology driven jobs.

Biomass renewable energy jobs

The largest part of the alternative energy sector is made up of bio-diesel and bio-ethanol production. Since agriculture plays such an important role in biofuel as plants and manure are used in the production of biofuel, many unskilled jobs can be found on the farms. Apart from this, permanent positions are available in the transport, manufacturing and research divisions.

Employment in Coal technologies

The integration gasification power plants and the coal to liquid plants are now emerging in this sector. More skilled labor with diplomas and degrees are required in this field.

Work in Solar power plants

Although solar power is still only a small part of the industry, new technological advancements ensure a steady growth in this field. Mainly technicians and engineers are employed in this sector.

The following skilled jobs can be found in the renewable energy sector:

  • Power plant operators
  • Distributors
  • Materials engineers
  • Biologists
  • Microbiologists
  • Natural scientists
  • Computer specialists
  • Researchers
  • Physical technicians
  • Meter readers
  • Environmental technicians
  • Electrical engineers
  • Valve installers
  • Electrical repair and maintenance
  • Chemistry engineers
  • Physicists
  • Electronic repair technicians
  • Electrical power cable installation technicians
  • Electronic engineers
  • Gas plant workers
  • Information specialists

All of the above renewable energy jobs require certification, diplomas or degrees. The unskilled labor market is much larger and can be used to get a foot in the door while undergoing apprenticeship training.