Jobs in ski shops

If you are a snowboarder or skier you may find it easier than other applicants to get employment at a ski shop since the ski gear industry has changed into a high-tech environment in the last couple of years. Due to the technical advances, employees in the ski retail must now have extensive knowledge on the technical aspects of the equipment. You should not only be able to distinguish between brand names, but also fabrics, purpose, fashion styles, and settings. Apart from this you also need a real passion for skiing.

You can update your knowledge on ski boarding and ski related sports, as well as leading ski retailers, and possible employment at a ski shop, by reading the following magazines:

  • Ski Magazine - in publication since 1936
  • Ski Press Magazine - leading USA magazine
  • Powder Magazine
  • Skiing Mag
  • Cross Country Skier
  • Ski Canada Magazine
  • Snowboard Magazine
  • Onboard Magazine
  • Future Snowboarding Magazine

A major drawback of working in the retail sector is that you will have very little time to ski since the hours are long and you generally work six days a week.

Behind the scenes
Technical staff is employed in the back of the ski shop. They are responsible for the correct operation of the ski equipment, including the boots and ski boards. If you are looking for employment at a ski shop as a technician, then you will need to pass certain tests for each manufacturing brand. You can attend these courses at the manufacturers or at the ski shop where you work. The ski retailers prefer applicants who already have the certificates. You can start work as a salesperson and when the opportunity arises do a course or you can enquire from ski retailers about forthcoming courses. The magazines and the Internet are also good sources on applicable courses.

The first level of the certificate course teaches the technician the basics of fitting and binding, while the technician can only work on the client's equipment after another level is completed. The technician must also be able to repair ski equipment through the use of special tools and machinery. Apart from these skills the technician must have customer care skills, and sometimes assist in sales.


  • Love for all types of sport
  • Knowledge of the ski industry
  • Customer care skills
  • Experience in retail is a plus
  • Certificates for technical assistance
  • Ski experience is also and advantage
  • Determination

How to get employment a ski shop

The ski retail industry is very competitive and you need determination to get hired. You can visit the job fairs, browse through the ski magazines, look in the classified sections of local papers, or call directly on the owners. If you know one of the employees it may help. The more experience you have as a skier or snowboarder, the better odds for getting employment at a ski shop. You can also ask your course instructor to make a recommendation at one of the stores.