Jobs to get for new years eve

Finding a New Years Eve job is not difficult. If you are quick on your feet and can do well with people, making money on New Years Eve isn't a problem. Listed here are four generally good places to land a job for New Years Eve.


Working in any type of restaurant on New Years Eve will likely earn you decent money.

  • Getting the work - asking around the local bars and restaurants in person is the best option. Talk to the owners about extra staffing. Some larger cities may have agencies with restaurant jobs.
  • The pay rate - many times the pay rate will be higher due to the night. The real money earner especially if you are good with people, are the tips.

You should remember that in this job on New Years Eve you need some experience working in bars or restaurants. For people who have worked in upscale places, landing extra work is easy. If you have limited experience, landing a job isn't impossible but the work will be hard.


If you are fast, and can handle constant movement, a New Years Eve job bartending is a good moneymaker.

  • Getting the job - talking directly to the owner is the best way; usually they are tending bar at least one night a week. You need to know your drinks or study a bartenders drink book before working New Years Eve.
  • The pay rate - most bartenders are paid the rate of minimum wage plus any tips. Tips can be the way to earn your way through New Years Eve.

Domestic Help

This is a New Years Eve job which requires a range of skills. Domestic help could cover anything from meal preparation to cleaning up the house after the party to serving guests at the party. If you can handle managing a busy house for a big day, this could be an opportunity for you.

  • Getting the job - check with the local maid and housekeeping services to see if they have an overflow. Placing an ad in the newspaper or online can generate responses also.
  • The pay rate - if you are willing to work as a temporary live-in, you could make a few hundred dollars. Hourly rates are usually double the going rates on New Years Eve


If New Years Eve will already involve snacks, a sofa and the television, why not get paid to watch a child, or pet, or two as well. This New Years Eve job can vary from handling one pet or child to handling multiples of both. Having previous experience or already having children or pets does help considerably.

  • Getting the job - in urban areas there may be an agency for this type of work. If no agencies exist start getting the word out at the beginning of December to find the work you want.
  • The pay rate - this depends on what you and the family can agree upon. This also depends on if you are spending the night or other considerations.

There are some special issues to consider with this New Years Eve job.

  • You must show that you are responsible, sensible and mature.
  • You must be able to handle emergency situations should they arise
  • You should make sure you have contact and any important information
  • Being known by the family is always a great help in this situation
  • Know how you will get home and be sure it is a safe way home

A New Years Eve job can be a fun way to earn some extra money. You need to make efforts to find the work well in advance to get a job.