Looking for Jobs with Major Employers

Looking for Jobs with Major Employers

Sometimes the answer to a problem can be staring you in the face. For job seekers, the answer can be the big employers. The big corporations and governments have some of the best employment and training programs around.

There are some major advantages to apply for jobs with big employers:
  • Their hiring processes are very efficient and standardized.
  • The working conditions are always mid-level to upscale.
  • They have built in training and staff development, valuable in dollar terms and in their own right as career skills.
  • Their OHS and Equal Opportunity practices are current.
  • The pay is generally market rate or above.

The difference between working for a major league employer and the smaller businesses can be enormous. Not all smaller employers are behind the times, but they often don't have the money and resources to keep up to date. OHS and EO can be quite primitive.

Major employers have huge advantages for job seekers looking for career jobs. These are the classic 'name brand' employers, and having those names on your CV means a lot when making career moves. It's like a particularly good work reference. The mere presence of a big name employer on your job application can get you an interview in that industry. You'll find that people with fantastic careers also have a CV full of big name employers on it.

Work and career options with big employers

On the job, the big employers have a lot of very useful career tools for their staff. The major league employers are well structured workplaces, and that works very much in favor of their staff.

Big employers have:

  • Clear promotional tracks for career advancement
  • Structured staff development, adding to skills and qualifications
  • Internal job opportunities, sometimes globally
  • Training schemes and study arrangements for higher qualifications
  • Job transfer schemes, often useful in both job and career senses
  • Much higher profile jobs for those hitting the top in their careers

Salaries and packages

You'll note that the big employers have all these advantages before even mentioning things like job packages and benefits. Anyone looking for a job to make their own personal bottom line look a lot healthier will definitely benefit from checking out big employers. They usually offer better packages to be competitive and get the best people. That reduces competition from rival firms, and also acts as an effective incentive.

The major league environment

Big corporations and governments aren't everyone's idea of a great working environment. The pressure can be heavy and continuous. These are often multi-billion dollar corporations, and this is where the modern concept of 'executive stress' comes from. Everything is all about performance. Most people adapt and evolve into their jobs and careers faster in this environment. In many cases that environment is excellent training for the career as a whole, so it's a positive experience.

Check out the 'Careers' section of the websites of your local major employers. Chances are that you'll find at least a few jobs that you qualify for, and probably one or two where your chances are really good.