Las Vegas Jobs in Casinos

Las Vegas has hundreds of casinos and hotels and the city continues to grow. Older casinos close down and make way for new exciting casinos. Finding casino jobs in the gambling capital of the world is extremely easy, even to foreigners.

Types of employment
There are numerous types of opportunities ranging from bartenders, to porters and security guards. The types of casino jobs you can expect:

Slot waitresses
Table waitresses
Slot machine personnel
Security guards
Booth personnel
Behind the scenes:
Table money counters, Slot machine counters, Accountants, Clerical staff, Auditors, Bouncers, Surveillance personnel, Maintenance staff, Cleaners and rubbish removal personnel, Marketers and advertisers, Information officers, Booking personnel, Hosts, Managers, Stock buyers, Personnel management, Lawyers, Dock loaders, Chefs and kitchen staff, Dieticians, Camera ladies, Entertainers

How and where to find casino jobs
The Internet is a good starting place if you have casino work experience or have done casino training. Otherwise attend a casino training school in order to enhance your employment opportunities. You need to be fluent in English. If you have no experience or training at all, contact one of the employment agencies or the Human Resources divisions at the casinos. Don't worry if you start at the bottom or do an unrelated job such as cleaning.

Once you are in the casino, you can ask around and prove yourself. If you work hard and are persistent, you will be able to change jobs quickly.The older casinos and hotels are constantly looking for personnel because their staff departs for employment in the newer casinos. Casinos that have just opened are also hiring staff. They often hire more than what they need and retrench most after three months. They will keep you if they find that you fit in with their policies and culture. Many of the positions entail union membership except for dealers, writers, cashiers, security and office staff.

Work permits
As soon as you start work at a casino, the Human Resources division will assist you in obtaining a work permit called the Sheriff's card from the Metro police offices. If you are serving alcohol you will also need a card to handle or sell liquor. The same applies for casino jobs that entail food handling.

Salary expectations
Managers and floor supervisors earn the most followed by baccarat, poker, and craps dealers. The earnings range from to in tokes a day depending on the location and pit. The dealers live mainly from their tips since their salaries are very low. The pit and slot waiters earn the most in tips after the dealers. Security personnel earn between and a day depending on location. Some casinos offer free medical aid while others levy or more for medical insurance. There will be even more casino jobs in future because of the continued development of new casinos.