Law Essays

As distinct from other subjects, this is by definition a career based essay, whatever the topic.

It therefore needs much more thought about addressing the aspects of a legal career, personal goals, and your understanding of the profession.

You might well be asked to do 500 words on your intended career path. It’s a pretty relevant subject, in law.

Some sites and consultants will provide generic fixes for what are actually case-specific essays.

Things like the “personal statement”, an identifier of the candidate’s motives for a career, are common enough.

In law school scholarship essays, emphasis is rightly put on quality of expression, use of grammar, clarity, and ideas.

This is a hazard of using services of this kind. The purpose of the question, and the importance of the essay aren’t “generic”.

Some questions don’t have “answers”.

What’s expressed is information or an opinion. That’s what the examiners want, not a shopping list.

A classic case of the uses of a service is , a commercial consultancy dealing with legal scholarship essays. Everything from editing, to letters of recommendation, to proofreading, is covered.



Can it write the essay for you?


Users are advised to seek professional help from qualified lawyers, career counselors, and other firsthand assistance prior to attempting any actual writing of an essay. Exactly like law itself: Check your facts.

In any profession, mistakes are costly.

You need to be as sure of your approach to your scholarship essay, as you are of your career choice.