Learning Consultant Career Facts

OPLearning consultants evaluate and monitor student performance. They advise students about issues and study needs. This is a complex role, including administrative work, some case management and assisting with teacher functions.

The Work Environment

Typically, a learning consultant has both a state teaching qualification and a Bachelor's degree in either Arts or Science. The learning consultant's role involves assisting teachers and support staff with individual student situations. Here are some of the most basic job functions:

  • Supporting teachers in the classroom in maintaining an appropriate study environment
  • Assists in the preparations of standards for academic success
  • Assists in the preparation of Individual Education Programs (IEPs)
  • Recommends appropriate instructional methods related to groups or individuals
  • Conducts assessments of students on a regular basis, advising regarding related educational programs
  • Diagnoses the instructional requirements of students
  • Keeps records in accordance with statutory, district administration and administrative practices
  • Assists in school administration and development of school rules

Job Duties

In effect, the learning consultant is a teacher, doing closely related work, but not engaged directly in teaching. This job involves a very busy schedule. Learning consultants need to be good time managers, well organized, and able to balance multiple tasks. The range of duties involves considerable attention to individual students, a bit like case management. This role is well complemented by the learning consultant's other functions, which are geared to the macro environment of the school. The learning consultant is able to provide current information regarding all aspects of the school's academic services.

As qualified teachers in their own right, learning consultants also fill a valuable role in school administration. As experienced educators, with a good grip on classroom realities and the many bumpy roads of student academic performance, they can provide useful practical assistance to teachers as well as students.

Salary and Hours

The average salary of a learning consultant is $76,000 per year, They typically work during school hours, but those hours may vary depending on job requirements.

The Career Environment

The learning consultant position is unique in terms of its overlap of multiple fields of education, and that makes it a good role from which to make career progressions. A learning consultant can progress in these areas:

  • Advanced teaching roles
  • Academic counseling
  • Education administration
  • School management
  • Specialist teaching roles
  • Special needs education
  • Education policy
  • Education research
  • District management

Other Areas

A learning consultant can also venture into the private education field and other private areas. Academic counseling and specialist teaching, for example, are primary roles of private education institutions and services. Education policy is a major area of community and government interest, and can lead to government or political careers.