Leasing Consultant Job Profile

A Leasing Consultant (LC) is basically a salesperson that is interested in satisfying customers. They also have to fulfill the sales targets set by the employer and are usually employed in the real estate industry, or related firms. Some of the travel and tourism enterprises also employ LCs.

Daily Tasks

  • The first main task is to find a database with prospective clients for leasing homes, land, apartments and other types of real estate.
  • Schedule an appointment to meet the clients and find out their expectations about the product they want to take on the lease.
  • If they are working on a real estate deal, they should take their clients to the property for a visit.
  • They would assist the clients in filling the lease request forms and other procedures.
  • Answer the questions of the clients and to settle lease agreement deals.
  • They are also responsible to collect the deposit amount for the lease contract from the clients.
  • In a few organizations they are also assigned the duty of maintaining the leased property or some of the administrative roles.

Administrative Roles of a Leasing Consultant

  • Using established procedures to process the rental applications.
  • They have to submit the lease application to the screening agency and other documents to the Lease administration for pre-approval of the household.
  • Build rapport with the applicants and prepare the lease agreement for them.
  • Collect the monthly rentals as per the directions of the property manager.
  • Check for expiration of the lease contract and initiate the renewal process after proper consideration.
  • Review the due amounts, if any, of the vacating resident.
  • Follow-up on the occupying residents to determine their satisfaction of the services provided and to ensure the repair work meets everyone's standards.

Educational and Other Skills Requirement

LCs are not expected to finish any particular educational requirements, but if they have completed a four year degree then it would help them regarding career advancement. In most states, there is not any need to obtain a license to work as a LC.

They should generally be dependable in terms of trouble shooting and handling the pressure that comes with the position.

They should have good rapport with the personnel of all departments as they have to coordinate with them often for providing the services to the occupying residents.


Their salary is generally paid on hourly basis. They are paid between $12 and $50 an hour depending on the property type and its location. The median salary has been calculated as $26,262 and seventy fifth percentile of them are getting a salary of $29,161. But like most of the positions, the salary depends on the employer's size, industry, employee's experience and credentials.

Career Advancement

LCs can be promoted to higher management levels like property managers, if they have sufficient experience in the field. It behooves an aspiring LC to have a proven record or satisfying customers, to work hard in the field and in the office, a solid customer base, to receive praise from the customers, to have a respected name for oneself, while representing the company they work for and themselves in a remarkable and splendid manner.