Little known ways to make christmas money

Knowing the Christmas season is coming, working an extra job has come to mind. You know there are many possibilities such as retail and hospitality. But there are other little known, or little thought of, ways to find extra work this Christmas season. These jobs can make use of your imagination and some creative spirit.

Gift Wrapper

This work makes a good extra job during the Christmas season. With today's families being the busiest ever, there is little time for preparation. Gift wrapping has been around for some time, but is now becoming a more common service for busy people. This work also helps older persons who can no longer wrap gifts or simply need extra help during the Christmas season work.

Home Decorator

Home decorating can be easy and fun extra work during the Christmas season around your current job. This is another idea which stems from the lack of available time or ability to arrange for any festivities.

Party Organizer

This is an idea which can go in two directions.

  • Social event planner - this type of service works well for office parties and organizations. Once thought of as a service for only the upper class, this Christmas season work can be an extra job for someone who can create themes and is good at organization.
  • Home parties - this is the old time Tupperware party. Throwing a home party simply requires an afternoon, planning, a guest list and a product you believe in. This is a simple way to earn some extra cash for Christmas.

Club Promotion

This is another slightly forgotten method of extra cash for the Christmas season. Working this job requires a lot of organization and a club that is willing to pay a commission for everyone you bring in. You plan an event and then promote it among friends and contacts far and wide. At the event you simply have fun mingling with everyone and earn money while doing it.


Finding catering work is a good extra income for the Christmas season. This job does require some skills:

  • Being able to cook for a large number of people
  • Basic marketing skill
  • Knowing how to shop in bulk and figure costs

You also need to plan the menu and pricing several months ahead. You can offer full meals, appetizers or baked pies and other desserts.

If you are not into the cooking end, check with local catering companies, especially the small firms. Many operate out of kitchens and pick up lots of work during Christmas and New Years seasons. You can get work in delivery or kitchen help by approaching the owners.


Crafts are not simply limited to knitting or making wreaths. This Christmas season work can bring extra income as a side job all year long if done properly. Here are some hints for craft ideas:

  • Calligraphy
  • Holiday cards
  • Dolls and bears
  • Jewelry
  • Engraving
  • Ornaments
  • Wreaths
  • Woodwork

Place your work or notices with craft shops and suppliers on a commission basis; or try flea markets and craft shows.

Christmas Light Hanger

This is an idea which began in busy suburbs and quickly spread. Some skills are required to do this type of extra Christmas season work.

  • Decorative ability
  • Basic knowledge of electricity and wiring
  • Basic ability to use ladders and hand tools
  • Knowledge of community ordinances and codes