Live Music

There is a lot of competition for the entertainment dollar these days. Besides high gas prices, computer users are able to download music in a timely manner. Computers, games, sports, and even gambling make those involved in live music have to work hard.

And yet, there is something absolutely intangible about seeing an artist perform live. The concert goers see the artist's personality, hear the true vocals, and see what other talents the artist brings to the audience that may never be on a recording.

Live music is almost imperative in order to sell CDs and DVDs, bring about requests for appearances, create a buzz for posters, t-shirts, and all kinds of other items.

To support the live music scene, a booking agent is needed. Here is what the booking agent does for the artist:

  • Works with manager to set up tour dates
  • 'Sells' the band to concert promoters, using film, sound, and statistics
  • Negotiates with the record company to assist their help in tour costs
  • Advises the artist and manager about what venue might work best
  • Works with local promoters to set ticket prices

The booking agent is nothing short of a salesperson. They are persuasive and well spoken. To get experience, some hopefuls work with local bands and work their way up. Agencies will often hire assistants who do the grunt work and also perform as talent scouts, checking out new local talent.