Logistics Analyst Career Profile

A logistics analyst performs analysis of the process of consignment delivery. He or she needs to analyze the business, the system and the supply chain processes. Recommending any process changes to enhance customer experience is also his or her responsibility. Logistics analysts manage activities related to routing. These include activities such as invoicing, billing, shipments and other related tasks.

Desirable Characteristics

If you are going to be a logistics analyst, you need to possess qualities such as these:

  • orientation towards customer service
  • strong technical skills
  • industry-wide knowledge of transport services
  • the ability to make instant and accurate decisions
  • excellent leadership skills and the ability to implement programs related to transportation
  • excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • the ability to enhance customer savings by developing models of projects and determining any new opportunities

Fundamental Duties

You will be performing the following activities as a logistics analyst:

  • providing direct communication on issues related to transportation or logistics
  • communicating with and providing training to customers, both internal and external
  • creating and maintaining data models
  • monitoring and maintaining the deployed solutions
  • developing procedures related to transportation
  • collecting and analyzing data to develop trends, recommendations and reports
  • investigating and analyzing issues related to vendor compliance
  • performing data management by utilizing data mining and data modeling techniques
  • performing cost/benefit analysis and executing daily processes
  • supervising other staff members if necessary
  • using inventory management to control costs

Working Conditions

As a logistics analyst, you may be employed by manufacturers, carriers, service providers or other organizations in supply chain space. You must be proficient in using computers and related software, as most of the work is done though them. You should have good knowledge of databases, spreadsheets and other logistics-related software packages.

You will be surrounded by equipment that uses the radio frequency identification (RFID) coding. Thus, you must have good knowledge of the software and hardware used in RFID. You need to interact efficiently with other teams within the company.  Willingness to travel and the ability to meet deadlines are a must.

Salary and Work Hours

Your salary as a logistics analyst would depend on your qualifications and experience. Also, the level and size of the company that employs you would determine the salary. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' data published in May 2008, the salary would be around $37,500 to $64,000. You will generally have to work 37 to 40 hours per week. In order to meet deadlines, you may have to do work overtime or on weekends.

Job Prospects

Experience is the key while seeking a job as a logistics analyst. You may look for opportunities in a related field while still in college or high school. Gaining experience in related jobs like shipping and inventory and in a warehouse and other supply chain areas is preferable. If you have taken a course in supply chain management, that may be significant to a potential or current employer. More information related to logistics analyst jobs is available on http://www.fleethelper.com.