Looking for a ski resort job

Most people think of Europe when you talk about ski jobs, but the USA also have more than 600 destinations that provide thousands of ski jobs. It is a fast growing industry around the globe and a very popular tourist sport. If you think about ski jobs, attendants, instructors and rescue workers come to mind, but there are work in several related fields such as hotel staff, restaurant workers, drivers, managers, and maintenance workers as well. Although the seasonal workers have little time to enjoy the slopes for fun, they still get the opportunity to do some sightseeing, relax, or participate in ski contests on their free days.

In short you don't have to be an excellent skier to work at ski resorts, if you have other skills or experience you might well be a suitable candidate for a working holiday at one of the these establishments.

You can browse through the articles on ski jobs to find all the answers to you questions on how to find work, requirements, what to expect, wages, preparation and more.

Eight reasons to work at ski resorts

  • It provides you the opportunity to enjoy a holiday while you work.
  • You will get a chance to become an excellent skier.
  • You pay less than visitors for the opportunity to ski.
  • Some of the employers offer good accommodation to their workers.
  • It is a great place to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Excellent place for getting in contact with prospective employers.
  • If is a fun way to earn a living.
  • Adventurous

Who should apply?

Working at these types of holiday destinations can be tiresome. People who love comfort and hate hectic work schedules should not apply for work at ski resorts. The wages can be low and even though some places offer excellent accommodation for their staff, many employers require that the seasonal workers find their own housing. This may be difficult, especially when you work with a limited budget. A number of jobs are tedious and don't provide intellectual stimulation at all. Another drawback is that some of the co-workers and customers can be difficult to live and work with.

The success and failure of the resort owner also influence the wages and working conditions of the employees. There are times when work at ski resorts may be limited since they have no visitors at all and other periods when they just cannot cope with the influx of skiers.

If you are prepared to work hard under difficult circumstances and enjoy the company of a variety of people, you will find that work at ski resorts can be very rewarding.