Looking for a skiing Coach jobs

In relation to the rest of the ski occupations, ski coaching forms only a tiny portion of the ski world. The salary isn't low but if you consider hours worked and the exertion it entails, then you cannot but wonder why a person would consider it as a career. The reward of teaching a skier to become a world class skier is seen as the main reason why ski instructors aim to become coaches. You get the chance to help other skiers to become the best and at the same time can enjoy advanced skiing while you do it. The ski industry is fast becoming a very competitive field and the need for professionals in the industry is ever increasing.

Levels of teaching
Several stages of ski coaching exist from junior and young adults to college level and professional skiing. Most of the training is aimed at the age group of first graders up to twelve graders. Several colleges and universities around the world offer excellent training packages, but only a selected group of coaches have the privilege to teach national level skiers. Some coaches only work with one skier at a time while others work with groups.

It is difficult to get into the ski coaching world, but if you have your first student you should run with it. Even though the jobs available are scarce and few in between, the industry is growing and increasing competition among athletes result in many new opportunities in the field. Apart from the normal ski teaching, snowboarding has grown in popularity and competitiveness in recent years. This has opened a whole new field and there are several gaps in the market for snowboard coaches.

Female involvement
Even though female skiers are very competitive, they are still not well represented in the training field. Women coaches are in demand especially with females. There are those schools that prefer men coaches due to traditional views, but in the majority of cases women now have an equal opportunity in this field.

Younger Skiers
The average costs for serious ski development for younger participants range between and on equipment, teaching and competing in a season. The coach should advice parents on the costs before they proceed with professional training for their children.

Other types of skiing have also broadened the ski coaching scope, for instance freestyle skiing. Due to competitiveness and new technological applications, professional training is now needed at a much younger age than before. Children are trained to be able to compete in the larger events and on national level by the age of around twelve years.

Several coaches prefer training children since there are more scope for freestyle ski activities and the coaches have the opportunity to ski with the children. In contrast with, this coaches that train the adult skiers are not that involved in the practical training.

Several schools participate in racing contests and make use of coaches to coordinate the training for the events. It is a good starting point for entering the professional ski training industry. Ski coaching is also needed for professional racers, provincial and national teams. You can either partake in the management of the race events or in the training of the athletes. The events include the European Ski Cup, the international champion racing etc. The racers work on a point system whereby they have to qualify for certain events and starting places in these races. The coach has the responsibility to decide in which races the athlete should participate and at what level.