Looking for employment in ski Rescue

Background to ski rescue work

Ski rescue work is also known as ski patrol work. Each country where skiing is done, has a rescue system and organization that controls the patrolling industry. The work generally includes the identification of skiers that are in danger, warning skiers of possible danger, and the provision of assistance to hurt skiers. Ski patrollers also educate skiers of possible dangers and how to avoid them.

Ski rescue work is action packed and filled with danger, but also includes quiet times when the ski patrollers just provide advice on the conditions of the ski slope and mountain. There is however, never a dull moment and if you enjoy diversity, are excellent skier and love helping people, this type of ski resort work, may interest you.

The ski patrollers always work as part of teams since the rescue work entails so many aspects, such as getting a person out of danger, taking care of the injuries and making sure that the patient gets to a hospital in time, as well as warning other skiers of dangerous weather conditions. Sufficient training for every possible situation is essential for ski patrollers.

Ski rescue work organizations are all non-profit institutions and rely on fundraising and financial contributions from the public. Some of the organizations have begun to charge for high risk areas and remote rescues to compensate for their expenses.