Looking for work as a Real Estate job

Realtors or real estate agents act as facilitators in the selling, purchasing and rental process of immovable property. They provide advice to clients on the value and potential of a property, time to sell or buy, price estimates, market trends, and methods of selling. They handle disputes between landlords and lessees, sellers and buyers and the conveyers. The work not only entails the identification of suitable properties or buyers, but also entails the overseeing of the purchase process or lease agreement. Realtors negotiate prices and conditions of contracts as well as assist in obtaining finance for the buyer.

Realtors normally specialize in a specific area and build a contact list and knowledge base on the specific field:

  • Residential (includes townhouses, houses, and flats)
  • Commercial properties (includes guest houses, commercial land and buildings)
  • Farms, plots, stands and vacant land for non-commercial use
  • Valuation of properties
  • Property management (including rentals)
  • Business brokering (includes selling of businesses and assistance with startups)

The realtors sometimes compile reports on properties and the buyer qualifications for financial assistance purposes. Business brokers normally compile extensive reports on the business for sale.

The hours worked differ according to the specialized field and normally includes weekends. The residential estate agents work during the evenings to list new properties and show existing properties to potential buyers. Weekends are spent on shows and exhibitions. The land agent works mostly during the day while the business broker works mostly office hours. A lot of travelling is involved and you must be willing to work irregular hours. Payment is normally on a commission basis which means that you only get paid upon the successful conclusion of a transaction. Agents that work with large developments may wait months to see a return on their time and effort.


Due to the nature of the work, flexibility and people skills are most important but you also need:

  • In-depth knowledge of the property and business market
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Willingness to work after hours
  • Thorough understanding of contracts and FICA regulations
  • Be able to advice on the best financing options
  • Know your field and area where you work
  • Have good presentation and marketing skills
  • Understand valuation methods
  • Be able to assess market trends and plan for future developments
  • Be computer literate
  • Have a http://www.cvtips.com/prepare_free_lance.html'>good sense for business
  • Must be able to sale and promote property

Each country has an estate agency affairs board or regulating body. No person may attempt to act as a business broker or estate agent without a license and fund number. Candidate estate agents may operate as agents provided that they work under the supervision of a qualified agent but may not sign contracts until they have passed the regulating body's exam or have worked for at least one year as a candidate agent. You can also acquire a degree or diploma in Real Estate.

You can work at a real estate agency as candidate and proceed to a full status agent. The principal is the head of an agency and is normally but not always the owner of the agency. Many agents open their own business or brokering service or move into related fields such as property management or valuation services. The income depends on several factors such as property type sold, commission structure and effort from the agent.