Looking for work at a ski resort

Several positions at ski resorts require experience and special instruction, for instance patrol, coaching or instructor work. You need to develop basic to advanced ski abilities and in some cases, get a certificate before you can apply. The job application process for support jobs are less complicated. The best place for finding work at a ski resort is the job fair since the employer is already eager to hire and normally provides an overview of the job application process or requirements.

Plan ahead for finding work at a ski resort
Plan your strategy for finding work at a ski resort by listing the positions that interest you. The next step is to apply at the different employers about openings in the specific category and attend job fairs. You can also make use of recruitment agencies for seasonal or temporary work, and browse through the Internet career sites.

Job application
Some ski resorts require personal interviews. For this reason you should keep your schedule open and reside near the applicable ski resort for a few days. The first step is to complete the application form and then attend the screening interview.

You don't have to apply for a specific position before you travel to resort areas since many of the seasonal workers take to the road without securing a job beforehand. If you are willing to take the risk and have some extra cash at hand, you can go this route, but you should get there before the ski season commences. Attend the first available job fair and make sure you that you arrive early.

If you arrive at a resort without a position there, you can use the time to ski and enquire from employees about possible openings. Most of them are willing to assist. Talk to as many workers as possible as it will increase your chances of finding work at a ski resort.

The process may be difficult with this strategy if you struggle to talk to strangers. To keep costs low you can sleep in your vehicle or in a tent at first until you get employment. Take some time to get acquainted with the town people and to find cheap accommodation, enquire about transport, and possible work in town. Visit every shop and talk to waiters, bartenders and shop owners. They know the area and will be able to provide good advice and help you in finding work at a ski resort. Get a post box for job application purposes.