Looking for work on a cruise ship

Out of all the jobs that can be had in today's world, cruise ship jobs seem to be among the most desirable. This speaks to basic human behavior and our overwhelming desire to see the world. Most would not mind getting paid to see the world either.

A cruise ship job does offer the opportunity to see exotic locales and meet people of all nationalities, but there is a price to be paid.

There are some negative aspects to be considered when deciding if a cruise ship job is right for you. First off, any fear of tight, enclosed spaces could mean that a cruise ship job is not for you. While the ships are very spacious, the quarters and some working areas can be quite cramped and those with claustrophobia will be very uncomfortable to say the least.

Also consider that a cruise ship job means being on the water and that water is not always calm. During a cruise you can run into every type of weather condition some of which can cause the ship to pitch and rock. If you are prone to motion sickness then you would need to reconsider your desire for a cruise ship job.

However, a cruise ship job is not all bad, that much is certain. It is true that you will visit some of the most beautiful places on the planet and meet some new and exciting people. This is the main reason why people want a cruise ship job.

The pay is low by many standards but the cruise ship job comes with many perks that offset the low wage. For one thing you get free room and board. That helps right off the top to save you money.

Then you consider that you will be so busy working throughout a cruise that you will have little time to spend any money at all. Many consider this to be one of the best perks that a cruise ship job has to offer. They find themselves saving more and more money, which makes the whole affair worthwhile in the end.

A cruise ship job may also provide the opportunity for tips. This is dependent on the particular cruise ship job you hold, but the possibility is there nonetheless.

You will need to do some research when looking into a cruise ship job. There are anywhere between 150-200 jobs available on any one cruise ship so there are plenty to choose from. You should be aware that not all jobs are available to everybody. Some require previous cruise ship job experience and others are based on your nationality.

Using the internet, you can send in applications to apply for a cruise ship job. You need to be specific about the job you are applying for and never write 'any available position' on the application. This will cause the staff to not take you seriously and pass you over. Research the requirements for the cruise ship job for which you are applying and only apply if you meet the standards they have set fourth.