Low Wage Jobs

'The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workers of the world, unite!' - Marx & Engels, Communist Manifesto

The Marxist theory is of relevance, albeit capitalism being a relative entity today. Post the era of proletariats and bourgeoisies followed the Blue Collared and White Collared job culture, which has now molded itself into Low Wage Jobs.

Statistics say that one out of every four Americans has a low wage job. The bulk of low wage employees in the United States occupy skilled and semi-skilled positions, predominantly in the service sector.

The white ladies, with limited formal high school education comprise a major chunk of those with low waged jobs. However, the minorities and the immigrants emphasize their predominance in this category.

If you have been under the impression that, those with low wages would remain so lifelong then you are highly mistaken. With a little strategy and effort, the low waged can graduate to the high waged strata.

Meet the Counselor: Counseling centers provide any kind of assistance to job-seekers. With more and more counseling centers having shot up, it is not a very expensive deal. Universities and colleges also have their own counseling departments.

Understand the Self: It is important to realize the potential in oneself. Every experience is a learning experience and you must have cultivated various skills while on jobs and during college. A self analysis thus helps in short-listing the suitable jobs.

Handpick your Employer: While shopping, everyone weighs the pros and cons of buying a product. We tend analyze what the product offers us at large. On similar lines, it is necessary to analyze the pros and cons of your employer and the various incentives offered to you. These could include insurance, loans, flexi-timing at job and other similar benefits.

Study Further: Any kind of qualification always gives you the extra edge over others while seeking a job. Although, you may be employed, do not brush off the idea of a higher education program.