Make money organize a trip to New York on New Years Eve

For many people, being in Times Square on New Years Eve is a once in a lifetime experience. The problem of planning and scheduling is often more than they want to handle. This is where you come in. You would be organizing a trip to Times Square on New Years Eve, arranging everything for a profit. Here's how.

Things to Know

Organizing a trip to Times Square for New Years Eve and making a profit requires a lot of prep work. There are many issues which must be considered.

  • The streets are closed off around 5 PM
  • Partiers are placed into pens where they remain until just after midnight
  • There are no facilities on-site
  • Large packages, carriers, and containers are not allowed
  • It will be cold (December in a large city)


When organizing a trip for New Years Eve it is best to start the previous year. Here is the why and how of planning and making a profit of this:

  • Advance bookings - any accommodations will require advance notice of up to a year for an event this large
  • Time issues - with events this large, there will be issues with both the amount of time needed to move from place to place as well as time spent in one location
  • Food and drink - because of the duration you will be in and around Times Square (at least seven hours), this issue must be addressed.
  • Personal facilities - there are no public facilities available during this event on-site.
  • Transportation - you will be doing a lot of walking since vehicles are not allowed in Times Square before or during this time.

The Trip

The best way to make the event enjoyable is by organizing a trip to include other events that day and night.

  • Hotel rooms - find double occupancy rooms so that you can have a base to use before and after the celebration
  • Broadway Theater - this is a good way to pass time while at Times Square; most shows get out just ahead of the ball drop
  • Dining - there are dozens of dining options available around Times Square. Be aware that prices will be higher because of the time of year.
  • Other Ideas - create a shopping day or a walking tour to go along with the festivities.

How to Organize It

Here is how you would set the trip up:

  • Set up a day of sightseeing or shopping
  • Arrange for a Broadway show; this allows your group to remain indoors and get closer to the ball drop
  • Arrange for an early dinner before the show
  • Most shows let out around 10 - 11 PM which gives your group an hour to enjoy the crowd and see the ball drop

How to Make a Profit

When you are organizing a trip for New Years Eve to see the ball drop, you want to cover your costs and make a profit as well. How?

  • After researching pricing and availability, figure the cost of one person for the planned trip; this is the amount it would cost you to attend for free
  • Be sure to add in gas, gratuities and other minor expenses
  • After finding the cost per person, figure the number of people using certain added percentages; divide the cost of one person by the number of people to find this amount.
  • Add 5% onto this cost; this will be your profit.

An example would look like this:

  • per person cost (room, show, reservation costs, gas and other possible costs)
  • Invite 10 people (adding 10% to the per person cost ) makes the cost
  • Add the 5% profit which gives per person for a cost of each
  • Your trip is free (10 x = ) and gives a profit of (10 x = )

Organize for a small group of under 15 people to keep costs down and make the event more memorable. Invite friends or neighbors to ensure the group feels comfortable together.