Making the most of your Saturday or weekend job

A typical Saturday job involves working in a retail business, so we'll use that as an example of how to identify your skills. Retail skills are extremely useful across the whole business spectrum, and you need to recognize how valuable these skills are.

Retail skills

  • Cash register
  • Administration and clerical
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Cash balances
  • Cash book
  • Stock and inventory
  • Ordering
  • Shop displays
  • Customer service
  • Sales

You can see why employers look for people with these skills. You'll find these skills are all basic job criteria in many industries. These are skills that can be applied in just about every business on Earth. They're all basic business practices, and you're getting paid to learn them. The pay for weekend work usually isn't too spectacular, but this is how it pays off in a big way later.

The skills you can learn in these jobs can become careers, and they're always useful for finding work, because all the essential job skills are built in. You can do more with these jobs, though. With a bit of application, you can build a really good set of job skills, work experience, and references. That puts you way ahead of others going for entry level jobs.

Getting the most out of your weekend job

You might have to change jobs to get the best out of the training and experience. Some employers don't have the opportunities to do more in terms of training, and you may find that to progress you need to move upscale, so you can enhance your skills. It will be worth it. You can get much better jobs if you work on developing these fundamental skills, and make the effort to learn more. This can eventually lead to a great full-time job a lot further up the scale.