Management Consultant Job Profile

Management Consultants (MC) are sometimes referred to as Management Analysts in certain organizations. MCs are the people who formulate the changes in the structure of an organization to enhance its efficiency. MCs must understand how businesses operate, they must also know about corporate hierarchy and they have to remain in tune with the latest trends in their field. MCs analyze and evaluate the functional procedures and usually initiate change in the structure and function of an organization. The responsibility of a MC is a great one because their opinions and results can affect other people's lives dramatically.  

MCs play a vital role when a complany wants to carve out a competitive niche. They can solve problems arising out of different circumstances, like the expansion of the business, relocation of operations, implementation of technical innovations or competition from peer organizations. In addition, MCs must often work fast and at times, work late into the night.

Work Nature

They work generally as independent consultants in metropolitan areas or other large cities. They always have to work long hours to satisfy the deadlines set forth by their clients. So, they must have the ability to manage stress coinciding with the situation. Consultants can specialize themselves in an array of services, namely business strategy, marketing, financial controls, human resources, information technology, e-business, operations and supply-chain management.

Daily Tasks

  • Identify problems in the structure of an organization
  • Define the extent and nature of the identified problem
  • Coordinate research for data related to the issue
  • Devise an alternative solution, as per the culture and ethics of the organization to rectify the issue
  • Analyze the revenue and expenditure of the organization.
  • Contrive a plan to augment the credit image of the organization in the stock exchanges or public arena
  • Recruitment of managers and other employees
  • Submission of reports and recommendations of changes to the clients or employer

Educational Requirement

MCs must have finished a master's degree in business administration (MBA) if they want to work for a private organization. In contrast, in a government agency, even a bachelor's degree is sufficient to obtain a position in this field.

Critical Skills and Components

  • Superlative analytical skills, problem solving and time management ability
  • Team coordination and team building
  • Personnel management skills
  • Proficient in written and oral communication
  • Self-motivated and disciplined
  • Creativity
  • Secure presentation skills

Income possibilities

The earnings of a MC will vary depending on the industry where the MC works. MCs receive the annual income of $76,600 if they work in the scientific and technical consultancy segment. If a MC works in the computer systems design sector, and other related categories they can earn an average annual income of $76,130. In the management of companies and enterprises, MCs earn an average annual salary of $68,860. Coinciding with public organizations, their salary hovers around $50,270.

Career Advancement

After obtaining enough experience as MCs, a person can be promoted to a supervisory position. Or an MC can become a consultant and work independently. Employment opportunities for MCs are predicted to grow faster than the average growth of all other jobs until 2016.