Marine Engineer Career Information

Marine Engineering, or a Marine Engineer (ME), works with the mechanical functions of a ship and much more. An ME could also work in the details and operations of the vessel. Maintenance and repair could be their specialties. The subheadings under these categories are electrical, refrigeration, auxiliary power machinery, air-condition and cargo.

MEs scope out and manage the construction of every aspect from huge aircraft carriers to underwater vessels or submarines. They design sailboats and tankers. MEs are sometimes referred to as Naval Architects or Ship Engineers. MEs ensure the ship can carry its own weight, can fulfill its function and is strong enough to brave the mighty sea. They test and insure the hull of the ship is tough and up to code. This position involves the knowledge borrowing from other fields to produce a working ship.

Educational Requirements

To become an ME, the entry-level requirement demands a 4-year degree in engineering. It is possible to have a healthy career without a certificate or professional engineer or P.E.’s license. It is common for a ME to have to become credentialed by the U.S. Coast Guard with a Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping.

A bachelor’s degree in marine engineering forces peers to create and build ships while paying attention to the details that are pertinent. After years of experience in the field and many ships underneath one’s belt and perhaps a master’s degree, it is possible to become an instructor in this realm.

There are maritime academies in California, New York, Texas, Great Lakes and Maine that offer these degree programs. In addition, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, the U.S. Naval Academy and the U.S. Coastguard Academy offer degree and credential, as well in this vital field.   

Marine Engineer’s Duties and Responsibilities   

MEs work in a variety of setting, here are some the aspects of this position:

  • Work with data recording devices and study the data tabulated
  • Understand electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and tenets
  • Comprehend ship design, nuclear technology and what is entailed with this

Industry Health

ME employment is not expected to rise faster than most other occupations. It does matter what specialty a ME has. But in all engineering domains in the U.S., there seem to be a shortage of engineers.

Salary Status  

A MEs salary is usually good and even known to be some of the highest in all of the college graduates. This is a field that involves constant dedication, you must be willing to return to your roots and study what one may have forgotten back at the academy. Education in a periodic status is essential to maintain all your bases are covered.

The Median wages for an ME are $74,140. The highest 10% are making $118,630. The lowest 10% are around $43,070. This disparity in income could be for a number of reasons, it is not easily known.