Maritime Jobs - The Industry is now: The World of Working on the Water

Working on boats is not for everyone, but can take you all over the world to many places that a person would never think about visiting if he or she had not been employed on the water. Depending on the kind of job you choose in the maritime field, the required skills can be mostly physical or intellectual skills. The main objective of this article is to give a brief outline of the most common jobs that can be found in the maritime field, both for unskilled and skilled workers. The article will focus on three main groups of maritime jobs: commercial import/exports, military, and research.

In the import/export business it is possible to find jobs either on board, like deck officers and crew man, or on land like, for example, the longshoreman. They are very different jobs, requiring different kinds of skills and qualifications. In the import/export business the ships are generally huge, carrying big quantity of commodities and a people. On such a ship a deck officer, and the captain in particular, has really many difficult tasks to do. A future captain of this kind of ship must have a deep knowledge of the navigation and leadership skills, since all the people employed on the ship have to work as a team. Usually a captain of a big cargo ship is a very experienced sailor with a maritime college degree. The work of a general crew member can be following the loading and unloading process or the general ship maintenance, depending on his or her duty.

There are a lot of opportunities for working on ships if you choose the military career in the Navy. You can become a military officer, being a simple sailor or having a very important role, in the health-care or in safety, like for example the rescue swimmer. A rescue swimmer must go after any member of the crew that is swept off the ship. In the event of any emergency situation these crew members must assist with securing the ship and helping with any members that may be swept off. They must be very strong swimmers and be skilled to work in emergency and in fearful situations.

Other interesting maritime jobs can be found in the research field, related to scientific explorations. The most interesting job in this field is the project creator, or rather the person that came up with the idea to explore a new land aiming to find richness or just for the scientific progress. If you want to follow this career path I'm afraid you need to have a lot of money and be very adventurous.