Maritime Links: Ports at Sea

Even if the United States can't boast ancient maritime like the old Europe, it hosts some of the biggest ports and most interesting maritime places of the world. Some of the biggest ports are located on the East Coast of the United States and trade highly with Europe and the other regions of the world. But it is possible to find very big ports in the west coast and interesting maritime ports in the gulf region neighbouring the Latin American states. Due to the productivity and business related to the maritime commerce, around the bigger ports very well populated cities have grown.

In fact it is always possible to find a job around a port, for experienced maritime worker but even for inexperienced people. Naturally the best jobs are for very skilled sailors, but you can always start from an entry-level job in order to build your career step by step. Still now the cities with a big trading port are fast growing in size and population.

If you want to find a job in the maritime field on the west coast, the best places to go are San Francisco and Long Beach. The Long Beach area is tied into Los Angeles where many neighbouring cities host the people that work in the Long Beach port. This port is very big and a big number of ships, come in and out daily. There are not only cargo ships, but also ferries, carrying people to the Santa Catalina Island. You can even find a lot of private ships, since this is a famous tourist place. Here it is possible to find very good jobs on leisure fishing boats, or if you have a boat, as a taxi-boat driver.

The San Francisco port is rather mainly industrial, and here you can find more dangerous and heavy jobs, like the longshoreman. The San Francisco port is also a much attended immigration point, due to the neighbouring islands that are used as waypoints for the immigrants that came through there.

On the East Coast regions, Boston, New York, and Charleston are the biggest ports. Boston is probably the biggest and most famous, and has grown in size continuously since the first setting up. Many immigrants and people with immigrant ancestry now live in the Boston and neighbouring area and have found employment in one of the many maritime business. New York port is a very big and famous port as well, where a lot of immigrants try to start their careers. Due to visa problems however, many immigrants were turned away and sent back to their originating countries. Finally, the Charleston port is one of the biggest and is always under the threat of introducing military weapons that can be used against the United States of America because it is so big and used a lot. This port is a big port and many import/ export businesses rut out of this port and trade with the rest of the world.