Maritime Schools is now: Schools to Teach You to Work on the Water

If you are planning a career in merchant marine or you are looking for a maritime job, the best way to achieve your goal is to learn the necessary skills. In the United States there is a multitude of very good maritime schools and learning institutions at any level, starting from the high school up to college and university. If you're a professional mariner looking for a career progress, or a student just starting to plan a career, or you are simply a recreational boater who wants to deepen his knowledge of the sea, you can find the right course in one of the best learning institution in America. The most important campus are located usually close to historical ports, like Portland or Boston, both on the east and on the west coast of the United States.

Perhaps the best way to start a maritime career while helping your country is to get a degree in a prestigious college or university like the maritime school at Annapolis or the Coast Guard Academy. Otherwise you can choose the Merchant Marine Academy where people graduate to become Merchant Marines. Usually these learning institutions offer the advantage of being free, but require a certain term or years of service after graduation as a payment for the training courses.

The Naval Academy at Annapolis is very prestigious and hard to get into. The application process is very lengthy and it is very hard to fit all the pre-requisites and requirements. As a basic requirement you need to have a spotless record to be accepted into this academy, then you need to have a very good curriculum and reference from the schools you attended in your studying career. The selection process is very hard too: all the people that just apply for the fun of applying or are less than very motivated are eliminate in the first steps of the selection process. Important and valued qualities in this selection process are grades, scores, or ranks in high school and personal involvement in the community, state, and country. Extremely important is athletic ability. All undergraduates and furthermore graduates are very physically fit and must pass many hard intensive tests in order to be accepted into the academy. Basically only the best Americans get into the America Naval Academy, like in many other countries. That's the reason why this academy has become so prestigious, and its vast amount of history doesn't take anything away from the respect and honour either.

Another very prestigious learning institution is the Coast Guard Academy, where you can become a Coast Guard officer and learn how to serve and protect the coasts. Here you can learn many maritime skills and follow different career paths, but basically undergraduates attend this school in order to learn how to protect and serve the national border of America. But if you are planning an international career this is not the right maritime school for you, since the Coast Guard of the United States rarely goes off the border of the country.

If you want to choose an international maritime career the best learning institution would be the Merchant Marine Academy, where students learn to be merchant marines. In other words graduates of this institution in America and in other countries will become the future big ship vessel best captains of the world. Either you choose a military or a civilian career, graduating at the Merchant Marine Academy it's a secure way to learn all the maritime skills and achieve all the qualifications required for the best deck officers positions.

Naturally if you have been interested in a maritime career since you were a child, you can start your maritime education before you even graduate. A number of high schools provide specific focus on the workboat industry, giving you the chances to find a pretty good job even without a university degree.

Anyway, there are really a multitude of possibilities for studying even if you just have a personal interest in the maritime field or you are already a professional mariner looking for a career advancing. You can find very good courses to help you to improve your knowledge of the sea at any level. All these courses will teach you how to work on the water as well as all the skills you need to become successful in the maritime field. The best schools in the United States for these kind of courses are the one approved by the US Coast Guard, with US Coast Guard certified instructors. You can follow specific courses, to become a radar observer for example, or just attend a summer training on the water, for recreational boater. If you are a student looking for an amazing adventure on the water you can choose for example to follow a sea semester around the world, learning the basis for working and survival in the ocean.