Maritime Vessels and Workboat Types: Different Ships to Work On

Depending on the kind of job you are looking for in the maritime field, you can expect to work on very different ships or boats: if you are a sailor, for example, you can be employed on very small leisure fishing boat, on medium size commercial fishing boat or even join the crew of a very big cruise ship the size of the Titanic. If you have chosen the military career on the water, you will probably be employed on huge naval fighting vessels or cruiser, but you can expect to work on a speedboat as well. Working on large cruise ship can be more enjoyable than on a smaller ship. Even if jobs on a bigger ship can be sometimes harder, the size of the boat makes the difference in the quality of life.

Since generally you spend a lot of your time on the sea when working in maritime fields, the arrangement you have for your free time on the ship can become extremely important, in order to rest well and prevent the working stress.

Working on a small fishing boat can be a nice or a bad experience: if you are employed on leisure fishing boats generally you can enjoy your time after having performed your duties. Usually you will work on small very nice boats that a group of people hire out in order to spend a week-end fishing and enjoying their time. The trips are very short, and in pleasant whereabouts. Working on a commercial fishing boat can be a completely different experience. Commercial fishing boats are used to make a profit, so generally they are ugly and uncomfortable. These boats are in fact relatively small, however they can fit as many as ten crew members or more at a time. In addition, these fishing boats sometimes are involved in relatively long trips in order to find the fish, in hard places like for example the Alaska coasts. On the other hand this kind of jobs can be very exiting and lucrative, specially if you are the owner of the boat.

A completely different job is being on a cruise line. There are of course different types of cruise ships, but they are always very nice and comfortable places to live on. Anyway cruise line jobs are generally very strenuous because the shifts are longer than usual. In fact the passengers are always numerous, and their needs come of course before any basic needs of a crew member. There are some other disvantages in cruise jobs, but surely enough the advantages are more. The best advantage is working on a luxury big ship. The dimension of the ships makes the navigation on the ocean easier to tolerate, even in heavy weather.

There are another kind of ships where it is possible to find interesting but hard jobs: the oilers. Platforms are created in the middle of the sea in order to drill for oil, and the big tank ships connect these platform to the oil refinery on the land. Not only they transport the oil, but also they provide supplies, helps with the operation of laying cables and pipes, and ensure the communications with the rest of the world. If you are considering a career in the oil drilling then you will become used to live on these kind of ships.