Marketing Degree Jobs for Marketing Majors

Marketing degree jobs can provide you with many career choices. The degrees cover a broad spectrum in many ways, despite having a marketing major. If you're at entry level, this is a very competitive, performance and results driven industry. Whatever you want to do, you need to work on the basis of your strengths to succeed. Your choice must be viable, and tolerable as a career option.

Important Issues to Address

You need to get your marketing choice right. Getting a job because it is available could maroon you in an uninteresting or unrewarding career. Industry downturns could delay your career movement considerably. You could also find that your detour has left you without any current working credentials in your preferred fields. You could be starting at entry level, five years later. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What areas really appeal to you?
  • What areas really don't appeal to you?
  • Which forms of marketing are your strongest?
  • Where can you really be sure of high performance?
  • Which specific marketing skills give you the most confidence of your ability to achieve good career results?


Advertising careers lock in to major marketing areas. They represent valuable experience for higher roles, and also allow you to develop a working portfolio of experience. Accounts work is good practical experience. Production is hands on work with marketing materials. Sales and media work transfer easily across all other areas of marketing. Advertising has four major marketing streams:

  • Accounts
  • Production
  • Sales
  • Media

Brand management

A very important area of fundamental marketing, brand management is an excellent area for career development. Brand development allows a full interaction with brand creation and brand research, as well as encompassing elements of the others, and helping career progression. The three basic streams of brand management are:

  • Brand management roles
  • Product management
  • Brand development

Market research

Both a niche area of marketing and an essential function, working in market research isn't for everyone. The demographic and statistical analysis can be hard work, but it's an area with which you need to be familiar to progress to high levels in marketing. The two streams of market research, market research itself and market analysis, are not terms that can be separated. For marketing professionals, direct practical experience and current knowledge in this area are important.

Public Relations

Public relations is a major part of all areas of marketing, because of its natural role as a public interface. It also includes elements of business to business and client relationships, and is a primary component of commercial image projection. It's often a significant part of the business of marketing agencies.

Whatever your choices, think your way through the career paths, and visualize the career potentials. Your strong suits will act as guides, and you can refine and develop your career options as you progress.