Medical Esthetician Job Profile

If you enjoy working with people and helping them feel better about themselves, a career as a medical esthetician could be a good fit for you. Medical estheticians work with a doctor to help restore the appearance of a patient who has suffered an illness, accident, an operation or even chemotherapy. Medical estheticians conduct a variety of treatments including medical facials, laser hair removal, cellulite treatments, micro-dermabrasion, medical peels and laser skin rejuvenation. Medical estheticians typically make more money than traditional estheticians.


Most medical estheticians complete a certified program from a trade school or community college that typically can last anywhere from 9 months to 2 years. These programs are the most easy to complete with an existing esthetician’s license or instruction, but it's not required. After completion of the program you'll need to gain certification from the state you're planning to practice your skills in, usually through a test or exam.

In addition, many schools currently have online programs for you to take from the convenience of your own home. Some medical facilities have their own training programs set up by their Medical Directors to train you on each of the individual procedures and necessary equipment or products.

Types of Medical Esthetician Jobs

After your medical esthetician training, you'll find there are a number of opportunities and environments for you to put your skills to good use. Some of the emerging sources for medical esthetician jobs include:

  • Hospitals - you'll help patients understand how to conceal scarring, take care of their skin after operations or after specific skin concerns they have developed from their illness.
  • Surgical centers - you assist patients with skin care techniques post-surgery, minimizing scarring, and burn care and treatment.
  • Dermatology offices - you'll instruct on skin maintenance, reconstructive treatments and specific skin problems like acne.
  • Spas - you'll specialize in skin care and maintenance and skin rejuvenation techniques that are non-surgical.
  • Wellness centers - you'll educate and instruct patients on skin care, skin health, and skin rejuvenation techniques.
  • Plastic surgery centers - you'll monitor and assist patients with skin health and care practices that will help them achieve the most aesthetically beautiful result from their surgical procedure.

Typical Medical Esthetician Salaries

Medical esthetician wages can vary by state and job opportunities that are either part-time or full-time. However, compensation normally comes as a base salary plus commissions based on services and products used for patients. Typically medical estheticians will make about $30,000. Although commissions are less than traditional estheticians will received from a spa, the treatments and procedures are typically more expensive allowing for the base salary to be higher.

The Future of Medical Esthetician Careers

Because of the tremendous growth that has taken place in the aesthetic and wellness-medicine industries, there's been an increased demand for medical estheticians that is project to continue for the near future. Job opportunities in wellness centers and spas will continue to provide some of the most lucrative opportunities for medical estheticians as you develop a satisfied and repeating client base.