Merchant Marine Jobs: Profitable Work on the Water

The Merchant Marine is the fleet of civilian owned merchant ships responsible of transportation of people, goods and services inside and outside the navigable waters of one country. People employed on merchant ships are called merchant mariners. They are usually people with strong maritime skills, very good on the water and able to stay and working on a ship for a very long time without touching the land. If you are planning a career in merchant marine, you must keep in mind that you will not see your family very often. That's one reason why this jobs are not for everyone. On the other hand working as a merchant mariner can be very profitable: the wages are generally pretty good. Besides you may have the opportunity to visit many places all over the world.

Working in United States Merchant Marine means being employed in the biggest import/export business of the worlds. There are a lot of job opportunities for people with business qualifications and the ability to learn maritime skills

One of the most important trade of the Merchant Marine is the oil trade in the Middle East. This is the biggest trade in terms of quantity and of goods value, because of the huge amount of gasoline the world requires everyday, and the price that people and industries are minded to pay for the gasoline. A lot of very big tank ships provide the connection between the vast oil fields of the Middle East to the rest of the world. A simple strike of the Merchant Marines can even produce a rising of the gasoline price. There is a multitude of jobs you can find on tankers: you can be a merchant marine officer if you are a graduated of a maritime academy or college or just being a crew member with specific duties.

The Merchant Marines ships travel not only by sea, but also by lakes, canals, or rivers to transport goods or people from one place to another. Usually the big transport ships filled with commodities travels by sea or ocean, connecting countries all over the worlds, like the oilers. You can try to find a job in this field if you are planning an international career. But there are smaller boats in Merchant Marine, that can be used for shorter trips, like ferry boats or ships for domestic commerce. The jobs and duties on smaller ships are different than the ones on the bigger, and the required basic skills and the job experience are not the same.

By providing a carriage for people, Merchant Marines operate a lot of boats that can either travel long distances across an ocean or short distances like crossing a river or lake. Typically short distance trips are performed by ferry boats. Some good examples of ferry trips are the Los Angeles-Santa Catalina Island that is about a forty-five minute trip one way, and the even shorter trip from Seattle to Canada which can be done within thirty minutes. A job on a ferry boat isn't so exciting like travelling all over the world working on a big cruise ship, and even the salary is of course lower. But choosing to work on smaller ships you can build your maritime career without being away from your family for very long periods of time and you can keep your work and personal life in balance.

Merchant Marines jobs in general are well paid jobs. The reason is that they are responsible for the shipping and trading of goods and carriage of people, and a very lucrative business depends on the performances of the Merchant Mariners. If you have the responsibility of carrying goods and people all around, you must keep well in mind the safety regulations and the delivery time. That's why building a career as a Merchant Mariner can be very stressful and time consuming.