Mission Statement Questions

So many of us live from day to day without ever setting goals or pursuing our dreams. The drafting of a mission statement however, helps us to understand where we come from and where we are heading. It can also show us if we have been pursuing the wrong career and lifestyle. If you are struggling with mission statement questions, take a look at the ones listed below to give you a better understanding of what types of questions to ask.

What questions should the mission statement answer?

You know that you have an effective and accurate mission statement when the following questions have been answered in the statement:

  1. What is the purpose of your life? In short, what should your function be in society?
  2. What are your main values? This means the beliefs that you will not compromise on.
  3. What actions have you taken or are prepared to take to fulfill your purpose in life without compromising on your main values?
  4. Who are the most important in your life?

Even though these questions may seem obvious, there are many people who have personal career statements sounding very important, but not reflecting the answers on the above four questions.

Should the personal or career statement be targeted at the world?

No your mission statement doesn't serve the purpose of saving the world. It is meant as a guideline for your career and personal lifestyle, not an unrealistic ideal. You are in control of your destiny, values and goals. It is used to get to those goals.

Exactly what is a mission?

A mission can be defined as your inner drive; that what makes you tick. It is the whole reason for your existence and a drive to accomplish the purpose of your life. It is reflected in your CV's objective section as the goals, dream and aspirations that you pursue.

Does everyone have a mission?

Yes, everyone has a mission. Many people are not aware of what drives or inspires them since they have never taken the time to figure it out. Once you know your mission, you also get direction in life.

What type of questions can a person use to get an understanding of his or mission?

As you sit down and visualize your goals, roles, values and contributions, you can ask these questions to get to the core of what you are about:

  • If you could only choose one thing to do in your career that would contribute to a company's goals what would it be?
  • In your personal life, if you had to select only one thing to do that would change the lives of those you love in a positive way, what would that be?
  • What material possessions do you want, for instance a pc, new car, home etc?
  • What are the things that you have always dreamt of doing, for instance finishing your doctorate, climbing Mount Everest, opening a restaurant, raising children etc?
  • When you look at your personality, are there any traits that you want to change?
  • What characteristics in yourself do you like the most, for instance, being hard working, reliable etc?
  • What will you consider as the greatest accomplishments in your life up to now? This includes your personal life, career, education, sport etc.
  • What have been your happiest moments in life?
  • What do you enjoy most when working?
  • What do you enjoy to do in your free time?
  • What are the activities in your personal life that you consider as priority?
  • What skills, strengths and abilities do you have?
  • How can you use your skills, experience, strengths, abilities, and positive personality traits to contribute to your work, family, friends and the world?

These answers to these questions will help you to get to your purpose in life and can be used as a first step in crafting an effective mission statement.