My Daughter Wants to be a Chef!: Everything You Should Know About Becoming a Chef

1. Most people know nothing about careers chefs. Can you run us through an overview?

You cook for other people, so your are not home to eat dinner with your spouse and kids. Some chefs like to romance the whole chef career with comments like ingredients and the love of food, I am more of an in your face truth kind of chef. The bottom line is most cooks in America prepare simple food that they have not created from scratch. They do what they are told, make people happy with food and get paid for it. A very small number of lucky chefs get to create original food, also make people happy but get paid well. Our industry is not known for the best way to get rich!

2. Your book, My Daughter Wants to be a Chef!: Everything You Should Know About Becoming a Chef, seems to contain the entire career from education to placement. It also looks like there's a lot to know. How do people get started as chefs?

No one should ever start culinary school without having worked in a restaurant first even if it is only for a few days. The best is to go to culinary school for 3 years while working in a restaurant.Once you are a cook you still need to spend the next 5 to 10 years learning your trade and only then can you actually be a chef.

3. Creativity is an element in being a chef. How much is inspiration, and how much is pure processing?

The first 5 years of your career, it's all about process, and then you can start creating, but you need to know the basics first.

4. You've got a part called Beware, Heads up, Watch Out. What are the issues?

There are so many issues in our industry that you need to read the book. Anything from invest some of your hard earn money from day one because cook don't usually retire with big financial package. Watch for chef that scream too much they usually won't change with time, stay physically active with sports because cooking is hard on your body.

5. Is Five Star status top of the range, or can you do more?

In America 5 stars is for hotel chefs. Five Diamonds is the Top status for a restaurant chef and very hard to get.

6. Dealing with employers for a chef isn't exactly easy. The product comes with specific requirements, and every employer can want something different. What's the best way to approach an employer, as a chef?

Have a great contract between both parties. The best approach is to for an employer and chef to share profits, that way everyone has to gain something with the success of the kitchen.

7. What are your liabilities, as a chef, to employers and the clientele?

Do not poison anyone unless your boss deserves it.Once you are the chef, if your kitchen doesn't make any profits, your, boss will fire you. Remember, your clients just want to eat and not pay too much.

8. Recipes are very big business. Is that an area where chefs can develop their careers?

Good skills, and a good business sense are what your career will be build on!

9. What's the criteria for being at the top of the profession?

Always learn from your mistakes. Always treat people the way you want to be treated. Always hire skilled people. Always keep you clients happy as much as you can. Always watch the garbage, your profit depends on it. Cook books only sell if you are a great chef and well-known.

10. Did your daughter become a chef?

No, she does not know yet what she wants.