Nail Technical Job Information

A Nail Technician is a cosmologist who attends to the beautification of the fingernails and toenails. They perform manicures and pedicures and also clean, clip, buff and paint the nails. Some also provide a hand/foot massage service, and specialize in applying and repairing false nails.

General Information about Nail Technical Careers

This a a job that requires plenty of face-to-face communication. If you possess a social ease, love to chat and make small talk, this could be a great career choice. Politesness and a high level of personal presentation is absolutely essential. You must also have an upbeat disposition and have a strong interest in beauty and and making other people feel great about how they look.

The ability to sell is another highly desireable trait for nail technical staff. You must also possess an eye for detail, an ability to focus on the job at hand and fine motor skills. You will be spending a lot of your working time seated, and must possess a certain level of organizational skills.

Your job as a nail technician will include daily exposure to fumes from chemicals used to treat nails. However, there are masks available for this, and many salons are now switching to healthier forms of nail treatment.

Nail Technical Education

Nail Technical vocational courses run typically for one semester, and are provided at beauty training institution, community colleges and technical schools. Some countries require you to finish high school before you can apply for this course: check the requirements on your chosen school's website. Be sure you are using a reputable and fully accredited school with your state of county Aesthetician Association. A well-designed course includes:

  • Introduction to Sales and Shop Management (Business Component)
  • Workplace Health and Safety (Bacteriology, Sanitation and Skin Diseases)
  • Science of Nail Technology
  • Manicure and Pedicure Procedure
  • Client Consultation
  • Hand/Foot Massage
  • Nail Treatment
  • Electric Filing
  • Acrylic and Gel Nails
  • Nail Art


The next step to becoming a fully qualified nail technician is gaining an apprenticeship at a salon. You will work underneath a senior nail technician, which will enable you to polish your skills and learn how to work in a salon environment. Some salons will advertise for apprentices, whether on-line, in a newspaper or trade publication or sometimes just with a sign on the door. For this reason it's worth visiting salons where you are interested in working often.

Many positions, however, are not advertised. In any case, going to a salon in person with your resume, qualification and cover letter is preferable to making a phone call or sending an e-mail. Remember to use every chance to network. Speak to your teachers and fellow graduates to see if there are available jobs in the area.

Career Advancement

There is plenty of opportunity for career advancement in beauty therapy. You may choose to continue your studies with a further certification in beauty therapy, complementary therapies or massage. Beauty therapy is a rapidly growing and diversifying industry, and can be very satisfying for the dedicated worker.