National Football Legaue Career Job Sites and Being Prepared to Pursue Them

By Michael Rosenthal

Once you have gotten your degree in a sports curriculum either offline, or if you’ve received your credentials from an online institution, and you’re ready to start attacking the job market, there are a few suggestions for you before searching all those NFL job sites. You need to answer a few pertinent questions about how prepared you really are, and then I am going to recommend that you visit a web site that will thoroughly prepare you for your job search.

Have you prepared a cover letter for each of the jobs that you are going to pursue?

This is a letter that you should compose signifying your interest in a particular position that you are applying for. It should also list what qualifies you for the position based on experience and skill levels that you have acquired to that point in time. Though some prospective employers do not ask for or require one, do it anyway. It will impress those employers that didn’t ask for it.

Does your resume make that prospective employer sit up and pay attention?

Writing a resume for most people seems to be a difficult task when it really shouldn’t be. Whether you are planning on approaching a prospective employer in person, or you are searching the NFL job sites, the most powerful resume you can create is a single sheet of paper --- anything longer and the employer will lose interest in you. You want it to be clear and concise, and only contain information that is pertinent to the position.

Make sure that the resume contains information such as years of experience, the level of education you have achieved, and your current work history. In addition to this, if you possess skills that are pertinent to that position, make sure you list them. Also, list any memberships or affiliations you may have that relate to the job you’re applying for.

Have you prepared yourself for your interview with the employer?

Once you have been notified that you have an interview, there are suggestions you need to follow so that you make the best first impression possible. You won’t find these suggestions at the NFL job site where the job was listed. Be aware that when that employer first sees you, he or she will make 10-12 value judgments about you within 15-20 seconds, so your appearance is critical. Look and act professional. A suit is preferred, but wearing a nice pair of slacks, dress sport coat, and a tie is acceptable.

Have a firm hand shake and fresh breath. In other words, avoid garlic within 24 hours of that interview. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. The key here is to be assertive yet humble. When you are asked what qualifies you for the job, talk about your skills and accomplishments without sounding like a braggart or know-it-all. You want to entice that employer into hiring you, not scare them away.

These three steps are critical so make sure that you have performed them to the best of your ability. Never assume or second guess any issue is covered, so check and double check. Now that you have read the above, there is one last suggestion. Take the time to visit CV Tips at and thoroughly review these areas that I listed above. This website was designed to give the job seeker an advantage when looking for a career position once you have searched the NFL job sites. There is lots of valuable information, helpful advice and suggestions, and tons of pertinent articles and content to help you make the transition from job seeker to employee.