Network Administrator Career Profile

A Network Administrator (NA) is a technically qualified and proficient person to manage and maintain the smooth operation of a computer network. Often computers have to communicate with each other because they want more information or need more data to complete a task. Computer networks are connected basically using copper wires, fiber optic cables, wireless or other methods. The clean communication among various computers can march along smoothly only if the network is intact. A NA maintains the proper configuration and management of such installed networks.

Daily Tasks

  • Customizing the network for their clients - designing the network as per the requirements of the individual or the corporation.
  • Installing the necessary software and security systems according to the daily needs and usage of the customers.
  • Reviewing the networks established by the network engineers as well as trouble-shooting them.
  • Resolving any network crash at the earliest moment with the guidance of the network engineers.
  • Data recovery from the crashed clients' network or from the server terminals.
  • Establishing an efficient support system for emergency contingencies at the network server.
  • Trouble-shooting the problems at individual terminals and recording them for future reference.
  • Creating and managing user accounts and restricting access based on the privileges allotted for different levels of users.
  • Manage and control the network usage and its security with the addition of firewalls.
  • Updating the security measures periodically.

Educational and other Training Requirements

  • A graduation in Computer Science, Computer Engineering is mostly preferred by the employers, though it is not essential.
  • Good working and troubleshooting knowledge of various operating systems like Unix, Linux, Microsoft, Novell and so on.
  • Always willing to learn more, since updating knowledge on operating systems, client/server technology and network technology very frequently is critical and regular.
  • Certificate in Network Administration (CNA) offered by Novell is a well recognized achievement.
  • Excellent critical analysis, logical thinking and communicational skills are required.

Work Environment

NAs can be employed in any type of organization involving computer networks. Some prefer to start a network consultancy on their own. Your workplace environment will be the server station or work stations with computers having network problems and issues so this is not always a stationary position. NAs work forty hours a week or more. But during a network crash, they have to work without time limits.

This position of a NA can be tiresome sometimes since there is always applied or concealed pressure to fix network problems as early as possible as most of the administrative functions are dependent on the computer networks working smoothly. They have to work with users or clients without any knowledge of the computer technology and related vernacular.


The median annual salary of a NA is $58,190. However NAs are usually given many additional benefits and work flexible hours.

Career Advancement

NAs can obtain a promotion as a NA wherein they have to design a network. They can also opt for diversification. This means they can move into computer programming, writing network security software programs and much more. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has declared that the growth of this employment opportunity is much faster than that of the other occupations and will continue to grow until 2014.