New Years Eve Self Employment Jobs: Party organizing

Jobs in the holiday season

If you like social functions, people and need money for the holidays try being a party organizer. This work is basically similar to an event planner with the difference being you would only work holiday parties and only on a part time basis. The basic principle behind this work is that someone is needed to oversee the details of an event to ensure it goes well.

Job Requirements

The majority of people who are doing party organizing during holidays start out with no formal education in event planning. Many of these people start out in the catering business and branch out. If you are thinking of becoming a party organizer over the holidays, here are some skills you will need:

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Sales

To gain experience in areas you need, taking classes in marketing and accounting will certainly help.

Possible Starting Cost

The starting costs for party organizing during the holidays can be very low but will depend on what type of service you plan to offer. Essential equipment for holiday party organizing would include the following:

  • Cell phone, or phone with answering machine
  • Computer
  • Business cards
  • Advertising
  • An organizing system

To avoid problems such as liability issues and needing a fully stocked kitchen for catering, consider keeping parties as simple as possible; or consider outsourcing as much as possible and simply act as the coordinator for the event.


Marketing and advertising will be one of the two most important aspects of this work, with the other being the events themselves. A professional image is required in all contact with persons wanting your service. Here are a few general marketing ideas:

  • Presentation - present yourself as a businessperson to everyone who might give you work.
  • Print Ads - this includes flyers, small classified ads, brochures
  • Business cards - hand these out to everyone you know, see, and meet
  • Networking - tell everyone at church, work, neighbors, relatives, friends and anyone within range of your voice

The earning potential for party organizing during the holidays is limited only by the ability you have to sell yourself and your service. The simplest way to earn money is to provide a level of service where the client needs to do nothing but enjoy the event. If you love organizing, people, social gatherings and making people happy, than this could be a good way to earn cash over the holiday season. If the holiday seasons go well, you could branch out into other holidays and birthdays thereby providing a side income during the remainder of the year. If you find yourself at this point, seeking tax advice from an accountant would be recommended.