NFL Administration Jobs

There is a huge variety of front office jobs in professional football in the United States. When you are searching for listings of these jobs and websites where you can obtain information about careers in American football, I’ve found that NFL Administration Jobs are good keywords to use in your search. There are several options for careers, but the assortment of front office choices is huge.

Usually the top administrative position in NFL Football is the General Manager. As with all other professional sports, a NFL GM’s duties are all fairly similar. You hire and fire your team’s coaching staff, control player transactions, and in most cases you’re involved in contract negotiations with the players. Ultimately, the most weight of responsibility falls on the shoulders of the GM.

Another interesting development in the area of the GM’s career has been an expanded area of their responsibilities. In some cases, the GM is responsible for all stadium operations and even the areas of broadcasting and journalism departments fall under his or her supervision. One way or the other, the GM is the highest compensated career at the team level.

Further investigation into front office positions reveals numerous departments with different career levels to pursue. One of the benefits of trying to find a career in professional sports is that there are so many internship programs available. Internships is the way entry level jobs are labeled for all practical purposes, but you will always find that these exist in literally ever front office department with NFL Administration Jobs.

Other positions that you will encounter are in scouting, sales and marketing, player agent, player personnel management, and so on. Media and community relations positions are also an avenue to pursue if you have any marketing savvy or enjoy that type of endeavor. Aside from press releases, you get involved in community PR work as well. For me that always gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment with my community.

There are positions in the finance and legal fields as well, but these involve getting a college degree if you have any hope at all of starting a career in these areas. Event management, ticket operations and buying office positions keep you on the inside most of the time with an office position inside the stadium.

Basically, the decision is yours as to what avenue you want to pursue. The biggest benefit that I have seen with front office positions in NFL Administration Jobs is that you can be hired into a number of internships and have other opportunities arise in a different department. In other words, there is a great deal of choice and flexibility when you’re involved in an internship program. The higher up the corporate ladder you go, the less choice and flexibility that you have.

Since starting this latest series of articles on the different jobs in the NFL, I have researched numerous websites to help the aspiring career seeker get started in the right direction. As mentioned before in previous employment articles, the first site you want to visit when you’re getting started is Here you will find articles and helpful suggestions for cover letters, resumes, interviewing, and so on. You will also find numerous articles about different careers in professional sports. So hopefully, this will give you a little direction in your quest for seeing all the opportunities available in NFL Administration Jobs.