7 Career Ideas: No College Degree Required

There are many career ideas that do not require a college degree. Despite what parents tell their children, in order to get a good paying job, it's not always a necessity to fork out lots of cash to get a university degree. There are many rewarding careers that offer great wages, benefits and other perks for hopeful job seekers. Here are some of the top careers that do not require a college degree.

Police Officer

There is a huge need for dedicated police officers around the US. There are many programs that can fast-track you into this career, without the expense and time of college. Starting salaries typically range in the $25,000 - $40,000 USD for police officers and there are plenty of career advancement opportunities for those who excel in this challenging vocation.

Medical Transcriptionist

With the rising demands on the health care industry, there is an overwhelming need for medical transcriptionists to document the care given to patients in written form. Medical transcriptionists typically attend a 6-9 month training period, followed by a test and a certification process. Programs cost between $1,000- $4,000 USD, but that is easily earned back within the first few months of employment.

Court Reporter

Court reporters are trained to listen to live or recorded court cases and uses a special dictation device to record them into written case files for use by lawyers. Court reporters typically earn up to $30 USD per hour for their services and they get to work on exciting cases.


Plumbers don't need a college education as they usually train under the guidance of licensed plumbers for a period of time until they grasp the skills needed. Plumbers earn high wages within a year of getting licensed.

Web or Software Designer

Most web or software designers are self-taught and they either work as contracted professionals or own their own businesses helping others manage complex computer website and application projects. The income can vary for software designers based on salary, contract, experience and the number of projects a designer takes on.


A love for cars and the patience to work through problems systematically are all the skills needed to become successful as an auto mechanic. Many mechanics learn their trade with hands-on learning and schooling provided by their company. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty and you like helping people get their vehicles running smoothly then you can expect earnings of between $25,000 and $35,000 your first year as a mechanic.

Dental Hygienist

Many dentists rely on the services of caring dental hygienists to provide care to their patients. While dental hygienists are required to attend a 9-12 month program to learn their skills, many begin working part time while they are studying. Dental Hygienists generally earn $30 or more an hour and many enjoy flexible schedules.