5 Oil Rig Jobs to Consider

If you are considering oil rig jobs, there are a number of different positions that could be available. An oil rig takes a number of different people in different positions in order to work effectively. Here are a few different will rig jobs that you may want to consider.

1. Roustabout

A roustabout is considered an entry-level position on oil rig. However, even as an entry-level position, the compensation for this job is still very reasonable. This type of job entails a variety of tasks. A roustabout will help out wherever they are needed. Their duties could include making sure the main deck is clean, moving equipment to the necessary places, and helping guide cranes that are bringing in supplies. A roustabout will perform tasks as they are required on the old rig. This type of job is where many people start out on oil rigs and does not require much previous experience. A willingness to learn and work hard is essential for this type of job.

2. Welders

Having welders on an oil rig is essential to the success of the operation. Many things on the oil rig require welding in order to stay together. Welders will perform a variety of repairs as things break, and they will also help build things as needed. Many welders will go from oil rig to oil rig without being tied down to a particular station. Working in this job, you will always be busy, because there is always something to repair or build. Attending a trade school is necessary for this type of job.

3. Medic

Another potentially promising job that you could do on an oil rig is become a medic. Every oil rig has to have a medic in order to accommodate the needs of the workers. Working on an oil rig is a very dangerous profession and many injuries can occur. It is essential to have a highly skilled medical staff on hand. In order to be a medic, you do not necessarily need to be a doctor. Many medics are nurses and have a high degree of medical training.

4. Roughneck

Being a roughneck is another career path that you can choose to follow on oil rig. A roughneck deals with the operation of the drilling equipment and assists the driller in day-to-day operations. They usually work in teams of three however, at least one roughneck will be present in the mud process room at all times. This makes them a vital part of the process of a successful oil rig. In order to learn the skills needed for this job, on-the-job training will be necessary.

5. Driller

Being a driller on an oil rig is a very rewarding position that provides a great financial incentive. It is often one of the best paying jobs on an oil rig. They are responsible for actually drilling into the ocean floor and overseeing the drilling process. This job will require a high amount of on-the-job training and is not an entry-level position.