Office jobs with cruise line ships

This category is usually land-based; they include the clerical workers, the secretaries, the booking agents, promotional and sales staff among others.

Secretaries/ clerical staff on cruise ships- as everywhere the ships too need a battery of clerical staff to manage the paper work and office duties, such as finance, appointments, contracts, payments, sales, marketing, promotional work, and information dissemination. These positions do not need any experience, though if you have any it would be an added advantage. These jobs pay on an average per hour; the best part is that with some experience you can apply and get jobs on the ship as well.

Reservations/ customer service representatives - The reservation agents are those who book the cruise liners tickets. There is a very large market for the tickets outside the travel agencies which promote the luxury cruises. Hence, there is a lot of scope for this job. The reservation agents can be promoted to excursion managers, or cruise directors with the passing of time. The agents usually undergo a brief training so they can be able to answer all the relevant questions regarding the liner and its proposed cruise. As regards customer service representative, for this position all you need is a pleasant personality and a good style of speech. Both the positions are commission based and earn good income.