Oil and Gas Opportunities for Graduates

There are many Oil and Gas companies that maintain a constant production of oil and require a large number of professionals to operate on their worldwide locations.

Regarding the oil and Gas industry of the United States, the central headquarters are located in Houston, with famous names like Chevron, Exxon or Shell. This is why this is the place to start for any person who wants to join the vast world of Oil and Gas industry. You can start here your oil career and choose from different domains such as drilling or oilfield services.

The graduates? opportunities are indefinite, because the number of companies involved in the oil business is a large one, and either you prefer small company with few employees or a giant corporation such as Shell, you can create you own career way enjoying the benefits of the oil and gas industry.

You will have here the chance to experience a true professional development, because the oil companies organize regularly training courses, you can shift specialties or travel all around the world. If you are looking for employment in the oil industry you can benefit from mentoring plans as well and tuition reimbursement plans, which can be true assets for any oil and gas employees.

THE ADVANTAGES brought by a job in the Oil and Gas industry are clear:

  • great payment:
    • ,000 a year for graduates with chemical engineering and geological studies;
    • ,000 a year for employees with 10 to 15 years experience.
  • the graduates? opportunity to relocate in different parts of the world;
  • an equilibrated working environment;
  • Stability.

The impression that the oil companies are downsizing is a wrong one, in fact they are growing, and people can be sure about their jobs, as the majority of the companies have established schedules that allow employees one free day at every two weeks.


Choosing to work in the oil and gas field will give you the chance to balance your work and personal life.

  • The workload of 80 hours over 9 days might seem difficult to handle for the beginners, but the experienced workers and MBA?s can take an additional 50 hours extra, with small breaks between the tasks.
  • If you are job hunting for oil and gas positions, don't expect a regular schedule from 9 to 5, because this is completely different. The things on an oil patch are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the working conditions can be hard for some people due to the weather changes.

But getting the benefits of your hard work is the advantage of the oil and gas industry, because here the work is appreciated at its real value.

  • If you are a jobseeker that aims for a higher position in the field, the small companies are the best choices, as in the big corporation this could take you quite some time due to complicated organizational structures.
  • In smaller companies finding a job is easy and being a graduate will speed your way to a manager position.


There are many technical positions for undergraduates required by the exploration or production areas, but for the persons with MBA?s, the graduates? opportunities are limited to accounting or finances.

  • The oil and gas firms need though many people with various engineering and technical studies and degrees, and people in additional fields of activity such as information technology, marketing or public relations.
  • The only thing you have to do in order to stat building a career in the field is produce quality work and you will be seen as an asset to the oil firm.


Maybe the best part of an oil job is the traveling one. The oil companies operate all around the world and the chances to be relocated to an exotic destination such as Nigeria or Vietnam can occur, especially if you are working as a strategic planner or as a business development manager.

  • If you are looking for an oil job that will send you to work abroad, make sure you ask the employers the type of travels and relocation contracts they expect from their employees.


The Oil and Gas industry is placed among the top sectors regarding the benefits and perks for their employees. Some companies increase their employees? contributions with 1 to 6 % of their payments based on the company's achievements. The schedules are flexible and some employees can benefit from very attractive tuition reimbursements packages (a good example is that the company can pay for your degree).