On Campus Freshers employment

Campus recruitment is not the only way for a fresher to get employment

All top colleges and business schools have their own list of favorite companies that employ freshers graduating from their Campus. Every year there is a good number of students who gain employment through such campus recruitment methods. However, if you take a look at the reports available, you will find that only a small minority finds employment through this method.

What about the rest, you would ask worried. There is nothing to be worried about. Campus recruitment is neither the only nor the best way for a fresher to get employment. There are many other ways for students to find freshers employment, which are not only more effective, but also easy to act upon.

Let us take a look at what the other options/ means to employ freshers are there:

  1. Networking ? this is one of the most powerful yet simple way of gaining freshers employment:

    a.Simple, because as a student of your college/ business school you would have the advantage of a vast number of already well-placed alumni who would be ever-ready to recommend your name in their companies when they know you. The point here is to get them know you. This can be done through group messages boards/ channels of your college, or personal contact with those alumni who are employed with the companies where you want employment.

    b.Powerful ? because by contacting your alumni you gain a mentor who would do all they have in their powers to get another graduate of their college/ business school join their ranks.

  2. Internships ? most of colleges/ business schools have a curriculum pre-requisite for the student to undergo a certain amount of days/ weeks/ months as internship. It is often that the organizations which offer such internships appreciates the students? work and make a freshers employment offer. In order for you to qualify for such an offer ? you would need to win them over with your dedication, commitment and hard work.
  3. In-house notice boards ? A great channel for leads is your in-house notice board which your own freshers employment/ career advice office runs. This office usually looks for opening for freshers such as you and posts their finding on the common notice boards. Ensure that you read them regularly and apply to all the jobs that you think match your liking and skills set.
  4. Independent approach ? there are many organizations which employ freshers every year. However, they never go for Campus recruitment. You need to find such companies and apply to them through their website, email or in person:

    a.Company's website ? most organizations post their requirements on their website much before they would advertise for it in the newspapers or the Web. Go to their websites and look for freshers employment opportunities; apply where such openings re available.
    b.Placement agencies ? you could engage a placement agency which specializes in freshers employment and use the leads that they give you. Apply to such leads in person (asking for an appointment) or through email.
    c. Referrals from your professors/ career coaches ? talk to your faculty guide/ career coach and outline what you are looking for. Many times, these people would have some interesting leads for you.
    d. Online freshers employment agencies ? there are a number of popular online recruiting agencies where you could upload your application so it would be visible to the prospective employers who seek to employ freshers. In order to increase your visibility, you would need to adapt your CV to a web-ready format. Learn about this aspect before you upload your CV.

Look at the above choices, and you will realize that campus recruitment represents indeed a tiny fraction of the freshers employment opportunity pie. Your chances to land your dream job depend very much upon how well you could adapt to as many of these avenues.