On the job of a snowboard instructor

The ski instructor or snowboard instructor work is not only about the ability to ski and knowing all the technical details about the sport. It is also about working and communicating with people. You need motivate the student to become a good skier even if you don't like the person. Technical assistance and training is only part of the job. You must able to help people to overcome their fears and enjoy the learning process.

Teaching skills
The ski instructor works with people from all age groups and with different personalities. You need to cope with grumpy, over eager, arrogant, fearful, lazy, funny, friendly, negative, rude, optimistic and pessimistic people all in one day and still manage to be a good teacher. This implies patience, endurance, determination, humor, and an excellent understanding of people. The thriving teacher wants the student to succeed and enjoy the training.

The student not only wants to learn the ropes but wants to have fun while doing so and this should be your aim. The snowboard instructor works with young children, teenagers and young adults. In many cases, the technical knowledge required is really limited and people skills are more important. If you dislike children, you shouldn't consider instruction work.

Unpredictable weather
Unpredictable weather conditions mean that you have some days off to practice your sport, while long term hot weather means the end of your work for the season.


The ski instructor who has a permanent job at a resort sometimes has to do some promotional work for the resort, for instance, being a representative at a career fair. You may also be required to partake in contests, which is the fun part.

Even though you get a free ski pass and some glamour, your salary is rather low. It ranges from around to an hour but the upside is that you normally only work during the day. Experience and a high level of training are factors taken into account when your salary is worked out. An experienced and well trained ski instructor can get as much as to an hour. Private tutoring is the preferred way of teaching for the ski instructor as the rate for a lesson is higher. Returning learners indicate that the teacher did a good job.

Hours and conditions
The work day starts early when you have to organize the teaching area. Each ski instructor is assigned to several students. You may sometimes have to wait at the base for potential students when the season is slow. It can be a bit annoying, especially on bright days when you want to get to the slopes for some of the skiing action. Teaching can last anything from three to eight hours while the remaining hours are spent at the training clinic for teacher improvement.

As part of your job, you are also required to evaluate groups of students. After such a long day, you will need your rest and only the very fit ski instructor will still be able to enjoy nightlife as well.