Oncology Nurse Job Market Trends

Oncology nurse job belongs to a specialized branch of nursing care that relates to treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients. Oncology wards or an oncology clinic offers oncology nursing and hire specially trained oncology nurses to assist the oncologist or radiation therapist in providing care to the cancer patients. Due to changes in the specialized treatment and therapies of cancer patients, oncology nurse jobs also have undergone significant changes.

Levels in Oncology Nurse Certification

Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation offers five levels of Oncology nursing training. The levels, not necessarily in that order are - Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner, Certified Pediatric Oncology Nurse, Advanced Oncology Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist, Oncology Certified Nurse and Certified Breast Care Nurse. Registered nurses with one year of work experience are qualified to undergo these training programs and obtain certification.

Career Trends

  • Overall increase in demand for Registered Nurse (RN) is felt in the nation due to the aging RN personnel and lack of interest of youngsters to choose this career. A whopping 100,000 vacancies for RNs will be created by 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states.
  • Cancer is the second leading cause for the death in the U.S. This shows that there are lots of cancer patients while the oncology nurse workforce is not adequate. Due to this, cancer care hospitals are ready to offer higher compensation to retain oncology nurse staff on their roll.
  • Though cancer is the second-most cause for death in the US, there is an increase in the number of cancer survivors in the nation; as a result of which, there is more demand for outpatient oncology nurses to take care of the chemotherapy treatment and rehabilitation of the recovered patients. Thus, recently, more oncology nurses have been delegated with the rehabilitation, chemotherapy and preventive care wards of the oncology department responsibilities.

Owing to all these trends in the oncology nurse job market, it is advisable for nursing enthusiasts to choose this as their specialization for career advancement. Registered nurses can complete the oncology specialization to have better opportunities in the future. Under these circumstances, you can have a successful career in oncology nurse job if you are qualified enough. Websites like www.nursingjobs.org provide comprehensive online career resources for all kind of hospital jobs. Registering yourself with this site will help you to find a job that better suits your skills and expectations.

Important Tip

If you intend to advance in an oncology nurse’s job, then it is better you plan and complete a bachelor’s degree successfully rather than an associate degree or diploma with oncology specialization. The main reason is that career advancement for bachelor degree holders is better than that of the others as they are trained in soft skills like leadership, critical thinking and communication plus a long duration of clinical experience.

Final Word

As newer technologies are being developed and due to ongoing research, all in order to improve cancer care, oncology nursing skills will also undergo rapid changes. Thus, this job demands that you learn complicated therapies and the oncology caring throughout your career.